Saturday 13 May 2017

Some Of My Favourite Fragrances That I have Been Wearing

Hello Beauties, I wanted to do a post on the perfumes that I have been wearing throughout April .
This one is fairly a new perfume to my collection is Marc Jacobs Daisy it's so lovely . Not only is this a gorgeous bottle which looks lovely on my dressing table . The scent is just a perfect scent for the summer months .

This is another favourite that I have been wearing is YSL Black Opium this was recommended to me last year by a blogger friend of mine I bought it a couple of months ago and I can see what the hype is with this perfume.

Last but not least is the Karl Lagerfeld perfume I got this at Christmas it was on sale at super drug so I thought I would get myself a bottle and also my mum and I love it this is a great summer scent .

If you love sweet smelling scent you will love these .

What is your favourite Perfume ?