Monday 1 May 2017

Urban Decay Naked Basics Review

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would talk about the urban decay naked basics palette I recently did a is it worth the hype blog post on this palette  and thought I would do a little more of an  indepth post here .

The urban decay naked basics palettes in my opinion is definitely worth the hype around them they are really nice palettes very sturdy packaging and you get a lot of eyeshadow for the price  of the eye shadow palette.

In each eye shadow you get 1.3g and there are 6 eye shadows it's the perfect warm - neutrals matte eye shadow palette.

If you love your matte eye shadows and love neutral warm palettes you will love this one.

This is a palette that I will be selling on my depop shop not because I don't like it more because I got the urban decay ultimate basics palette for Christmas and do not need all 3 basics palettes .

I have decided to just keep the urban decay ultimate basics palette and sell my basics and basics 2 palette.

There is five matte eyeshadows and one demi matte eyeshadow in the palette at the time this palette was released 4 of the eye shadows in this palette were exclusive to this palette .

 These swatches have all been swatched without any primer   I wanted you to see what the pigmentation was like without a primer and I have only swiped and blended them out once.

The lighter shadows never show up that great on my skin tone as I am so fair the first shadow is Venus which is the demi matte eye shadow which is perfect for the brow bone highlight.

Next is a really good shadow for me to use as a  base over my primer to help the eye shadows stick they go on smoothly this is called foxy it's also a really nice highlight shade for darker skin tones. .

Next is Walk of Shame (W.O.S) I love this eye shadow it's such a good shadow to put in the crease as a transition eye shadow .

onto the next eye shadow which is called Naked 2 such  a beautiful shadow again and can be used as another transition shadow except this one is a little darker this looks really nice just over the top of the lighter walk of shame eye shadow .

Next is the shadow faint which is really great for the lash line and outer corner of the eye to give it that smoky eye look .

last but certainly not least is the black eye shadow which is a great eye shadow to give a smoky eye look it's in the shade crave which again is a really nice shadow to use in the lash line

This is a great palette to take travelling it comes with a mirror so you can apply on the go I will be sorry to see it go but I don't need it in my collection anymore.

If you live in the U.K and you are thinking of trying the urban decay naked basics palette and are interested in  buying this please contact me .

Do you have this palette what are your thoughts on it ?