Saturday 29 April 2017

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and Brush Cleansing Gel

Hello Beauties,

I have had these products for a few months now I have only just started using them over the last couple of weeks

I like the idea that real techniques actually give you some samples of the gel so that you can try before you buy the brush cleansing gel.

I decided to buy the brush cleansing gel as both of these items were on half price and I am so glad I decided to buy both of these items.

The brush cleansing palette comes with 3 different grooves for different types of brushes the small grooves are for eye shadow brushes .

The medium sized grooves are for medium face brushes and  the larger grooves are for the really big powder and blush brushes that you can get.

I don't think I have come across a prettier brush cleanser then this real techniques one the packaging is so nice . You get a lot of product and the scent just smells amazing just a little bit of this product goes a long way.

It's a good job because I have only washed about a quarter of my make up brushes I think I will probably go through at least half of this bottle of brush cleanser in cleaning all my brushes.

This brush cleaner just does a really good job I could have the dirtiest brushes like my contour brushes that I use for bronzer this brush cleanser gets them spotless like they are brand new make up brushes .

I will be doing a how I get my make up brushes clean video for my channel on you tube so you can see it for yourself .

I do really recommend both of these products together if you live in the U.K, Superdrug regularly have sales on if you want to try them out I would definitely wait and see if they go on sale again.

I really can't recommend Real Technique make up brushes highly enough I have more Real Techniques make up brushes then any other make up brushes .

Have you tried this combination by real techniques ? What are your thoughts?