Tuesday 2 May 2017

Betsey Johnson Sunglasses Saved Me Today

Hello Beauties, today I have been suffering so bad with my hay fever and even though I took my hay fever tablets my eyes would not stop running and they were so red . like the kind of red that you get when it feels like you have been crying for days.

I went into TK Maxx with my mum not for anything in particular and came across these gorgeous Betsey Johnson Sunglasses I had wanted some white sunglasses last year for my holiday to Portugal but didn't come across any that I liked enough so I went to my opticians and got some on prescription my Kael Lagerfeld Sunglasses but silly me didn't put them in my bag with me today so when I saw the Betsey Johnson Sunglasses I tried them on and loved them and they were really inexpensive £12 so I thought I would buy these .

I love the design on the glasses that they are white and gold they just look so classy and so different to the kind of sunglasses I usually go for . I normally go for the tortoise shell or dark sunglasses so these are quite different for me but so stylish.

These sun glasses really saved my eyes this afternoon while out shopping with my mum . I haven't suffered with hayfever this bad in quite some time.

If you need some new sunglasses I would definitely recommend you check out TK Maxx before you spend a fortune they have at the moment got some really nice designer sunglasses in stock.

The only thing that really let the sunglasses down was the sunglasses case as they didn't have any Betsey Johnson sunglasses cases when I asked a member of staff at tk maxx what to do about a sunglasses case she said just choose any case so I chose a Jill Sanders case which is nice but I like things to match i'm quite obsessive like that I would have liked a Betsey Johnson case to match the sunglasses.

Do you suffer with hay fever how has yours been the last couple of weeks?