Friday 26 May 2017

Too Faced Love Palette First Impressions/Review

Hello Beauties, today I would like to talk about a recent purchase that I got from tkmaxx it's this beautiful too faced love palette from too faced . I have wanted this palette for a couple of years but couldn't justify spending £39 on the palette and decided to leave it and I am glad that I decided to leave it as 2 years later I found this beautiful palette in tkmaxx for less than half price it cost just £15 at that price I could not leave it there .

The eye shadows in this palette are just so beautiful before we get into the positives of this palette which there is a lot of positives.

The negatives for this palette for myself personally is that there is not a cream base shadow or a very light brown shadow for the crease to be used as a transition shadow. I would have much preferred to not have one of the dark shadows and had a very light brown crease shadow in the palette instead.

Lets Talk About The Palette -

The too faced love palette has been inspired by the lost art of love letters this lust-worthy collection creates the most romantic looks of all times with fifteen shimmer, pearl and matte shadows organised into 3 beautiful collections . Includes an exclusive full size love eye liner in black and too faced signature glamour guide with six looks you will fall in love .

These are the first eye shadows in the first trio of eye shadows in the palette and I have to say these are my favourite from the palette ,

First we have cherish which is a pink champagne shimmer eyeshadow really pretty as a highlight or on the lid as a simple every day look .

Next is Dearest which is a gorgeous gold this is a really sheer gold eye shadow with not a lot of pigmentation I still really like it though . If you dampen your brush with fix plus or your regular fixing spray you will get more pigmentation and it looks really nice. It's just not the most pigmented eyeshadow in the palette,

Next is Amorous which is a matte chocolate brown eye shadow which is just perfect for the lash line and the outer v to give that gorgeous smoky eye look.

Next is Desire a lovely bronze shimmer eye shadow looks stunning on blue eyes .

Last but not least the shadow in the heart is definitely my fave from the trio and is called Adore which is quite fitting as I freaking adore this shadow it's one of the pearl eye shadows but it's more of a metallic eye shadow and like the shadow Desire if you have blue or green eyes these shadows will just make your eyes pop.

The middle trio in the collection are pinks and purples the lightest shade in the palette smitten barely shows up on my skin tone it's a matte light pink which may be able to be used as a base shadow as it doesn't show up at all on my skin tone.

Next is a very glittery metallic purple shadow which is called passion this shadow can be used to create a nice smoky eye .

The eye shadow obsessed is one of those eye shadows that is one of those in between eye shadows it's a burgundy with brown undertones and has gold glitters running through it which is really very pretty.

Next is the shadow Romance which is a matte dark brown eye shadow really nice for the lash line and even for the crease you need a light brown for the transition shade which this palette doesn't have unfortunately .

Last but not least is the shade sweetie pie that's the shade in the heart it's a pearl pink eye shadow I am not really one for pink eye shadows but this looks really pretty on the eye lid.

Last but not least is the last trio of eye shadows in the palette . I was pleasantly surprised by the first shadow in the palette Darling when I first looked at the palette I was like that is one shadow that I am not going to use . I just didn't think green eye shadow would suit me but it looks lovely and I will certainly use the eye shadow more . The swatch really doesn't show it but it's green with a gold shift that's why it looks so nice.

Next is the shadow Devotion, devotion is another highlight shadow I think this is where too faced went wrong with this particular palette . The shadows cherish and devotion are very similar and I believe you only need one highlight shadow I would have much preferred a lighter brown crease shadow.

Next is the shadow Puppy Love which is like a mink brown shimmer this one is really pretty on the lid .

Next is the shadow Everlasting this shadow looks black in the swatch I know but the true colour of the eye shadow is khaki and it has gold glitters running through it , if you like doing a smoky eye this shadow would be perfect for that .

Last but not least is the shadow xoxo a very beautiful peach eye shadow which again if you want a no make up make up look would be perfect . The eye shadows in the hearts are all pearlescent, there is only one matte eye shadow which is romance it is a nice matte brown my only problem is I wish there would have been that cream shadow in the palette and the lighter brown transition palette . That would have made this palette perfect as when I use this palette I have to work from 2 palettes which is not ideal.

Here I am wearing the green eye shadow that is called Darling I really do like this green eye shadow it looks more like a really light gold eye shadow .

I know this has been a long post today I wanted to give you my thoughts on the palette and tell you if it's worth your money. The answer to that question if you live in the U.K and you have a tkmaxx near you and you can get it from there then the answer is yes I would recommend it . If you are thinking of paying full price for this palette however I would not recommend it as a lot of these eye shadows in this palette are very sheer so you have to really work with them to show up and I don't always want to do that. A lot of the eye shadows in this palette I probably won't use I will be sticking to the more neutral shadows myself but if your a collector of too faced or you like all of the shadows in the palette and want to try them for yourself then I would say yes it's worth trying . You can still buy this palette at Debenhams for £39 I would suggest get the too faced chocolate bar over this palette though if you don't already have it .

Thanks for reading, do you have this palette in your collection what are your thoughts ?