Saturday 27 May 2017

First Impressions On Essence Eye & Face Palette - 02 Rise & Shine

Hello Beauties, I bought this palette from my local wilko a few weeks back it looked so nice with the quad of eye shadows and blush and highlight but truth be told I got it more for the highlight and the blush that's in this palette there stunning and I also liked the look of the rose gold eye shadow. The eye shadow that is in the palette really reminds me of nars orgasm but in eye shadow form .

Just look how pretty this little palette is it's perfect for travelling with and yes it doesn't have a mirror which might bother some people but it doesn't bother me as I have so many compact mirrors that have come with blusher or highlighter and to be honest none of the essence products come with a mirror what can you expect for £4.00 .

You are truly getting a great deal for your money for me personally like I said earlier in the post I only really got this palette for the lovely blush, highlight and that rose eyeshadow so anything else would be a bonus.

I used this today along with a lot of other essence products in a video that I am filming for you tube that I have been asked to do.

I used mostly essence products in the video as it was a full face with essence products apart from my base which is primer and foundation . I was really disappointed as my local wilko didn't have any foundation in my shade and the lightest foundation that I could see in the new camouflage foundation that I wanted to try was about 2-3 shades to dark for my skin tone so I looked in my collection of foundations and came across something as equally as inexpensive and they are the miss sporty insta glow primer and foundation. miss sporty is another U.K brand but the rest of the make up is essence . would love for you all to go and watch it when I upload it .

Onto the good stuff time for the swatches.....

The one thing that I hate about my skin tone is the pale eye shadows such as creams and pale pinks you just can't see no matter how many times I swatch them so the cream highlighter shadow in the quad is just not showing up on my skin tone I am sure if you searched on google you would find a better swatch,

The next eye shadow thankfully is showing up a lot more on my arm in my opinion this shadow is the weakest of them all. In the video I tried to use this shadow in my crease and had to really build the pigmentation it just felt like there was no pigmentation to the shadow at all. Even in this swatch on my arm it looks quite patchy.

Next is my favourite eye shadow out of the quad as I knew it always would be which is this goegeous rose gold eye shadow like I said earlier it reminds me of one of my favourite blushes which is nars orgasm .

Last but not least is the darkest brown eye shadow in the palette and when I first saw this shadow I thought this would be the one that lets the palette down how wrong I was this is a really nice shadow for the lash line and also if you want to create a smoky eye .

The highlight in this palette is just stunning and would recommend it just for the face products alone you can't really say no to the price .

The blush in this palette is just stunning really nice for the summer months it's very sheer but buildable .

Overall I think this is a great palette I have only used it once so I will try and use the lightest brown in this palette again and see if my opinion changes even if it doesn't I feel like I have got a great deal as I will get a lot of use on the other eye shadows the blush and highlight in this collection.

The eye shadows are quite powdery but if you tap the excess off there fine I find that most drug store eye shadows are the same .

This palette is part of essence cosmetics spring/summer line I think they have done an amazing job with it . I bought this with my own money.

If you like essence cosmetics I would definitely recommend you check this palette out you are getting a fantastic deal each product is costing a meer 66p .

The best things in the palette for me are definitely the rose gold eye shadow which is just stunning for summer it has flecks of gold in it and the light picks that up and the blusher and the highlight so for me it was definitely worth my £4 .

I have a few more essence product reviews coming up very soon please keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading have you tried this palette ? What are your thoughts ?