Thursday 11 May 2017

Is PS Precious Metals Collection A Dupe For The Deck Of Scarlet Palette?

Hello Beauties, I went to Primark today when I was in Blackpool with my mum and picked up a few things that I couldn't get from the Primark in my town .

I have recently been thinking of cancelling my subscription with glossy box and birchbox and trying Deck Of Scarlet out as it works out at a similar price .

The only thing that Is making me think twice is there really aren't that many you tubers that have done videos and the ones that have done videos on Deck Of Scarlet Palettes are ones that have collaborated with Deck Of Scarlet .

I would love to watch someone's video that has just gone out and bought the palette out of their own money and give an unbiased review maybe I will be the person that does that.

Anyway in my opinion this Precious Metals Collection by PS which is the make up brand that Primark sell.

This is the Deck Of Scarlet palette and retails at £24 while the PS one costs £6 so it's quite a big price difference but how similar are the products .

I definitely think Primark have taken inspiration from Deck Of Scarlet obviously I'm not sure about the formula as I don't own a Deck Of Scarlet palette yet .

I don't like may's Deck of Scarlet Palette so I will probably order the next one that I do like and do more of a comparison on both of these products side by side .

The Primark Palette reminds me so much of the Deck of Scarlet not colour wise although in this palette there are some similar  products in both palettes which I will talk about .

Let's Talk About What Is The Same ?

The palette layout is the same you get 3 eye shadows, 2 face products and 2 lip products in each palette . The only real difference is you get a eye liner or a eye crayon in each palette.

In the Primark Palette There are 2 eye shadows that are similar to the above Deck Of Scarlet Palette which is like a pink shimmer and a matte cranberry shade the other shadow from the Primark Palette is a gorgeous metallic gold . The highlighter and Bronzer look a very similar shade to the one in the above photo and the last lip products is a really nice berry shade which looks almost identical to the one in the Deck of Scarlet Palette.

The Palettes both come with a generous sized mirror perfect for on the go even though the Primark one is more practical as it's hard plastic so it's easier to travel with .

So What's Different?

The packaging the Deck of Scarlet Palette looks like it is cardboard while the Primark one is hard plastic.

Inside the palette the eyeshadow that is different in both palettes is the last eye shadow in the Deck of Scarlet it looks like it may be black in the Primark Palette it's gold the other eye shadows are very similar .

Lip products - the lip product that are different is both of the first lip products in the palette in the Deck of Scarlet it's a peachy orange shade and in the Primark palette it's a very light pink . The berry lipstick in both palettes though look so similar .

The eyeshadows look bigger in the Primark Palette also the Bronzer and Highlight in the Deck of Scarlet Palette are square. and the Primark ones are more oblong. The lipsticks are also bigger in the Primark Palette

The only other difference then is the eye liner pencil that you get with the Deck of Scarlet Palette you Don't get that with the Primark Palette but I don't need anymore eyeliners as I have so many.

On the Deck of Scarlet Palette where the lipsticks are there is a cover so the powders don't go into the lipsticks in the Primark one there is no cover and I swatched the eye shadows and they have quite a lot of fall out so when using the products you will have to be careful when using it .

That is the only thing that I would change I would give the Primark lipsticks a cover even if that meant that the packaging was similar to the Deck of Scarlet Palettes rather then the hard plastic casing .

So what do you guys think ? Is the Primark Palette a dupe for the Deck of Scarlett Palette ? Have you tried the Deck of Scarlett subscription . I would love to hear from you if you have.

Thanks for reading