Thursday 11 May 2017

Rimmel BB Cream 9-In1 Skin Perfecting Super Make Up Review

Hello Beauties, as the weather is getting warmer I don't feel like I need a heavy foundation I want to feel my skin but still have some coverage.  I want my skin to be able to breathe and I was looking through my make up collection and came across this Rimmel bb cream 9-in-1 skin perfecting super make-up

I have been using this bb cream now for almost 2 weeks so I thought I would tell you my thoughts on the product .

The bb cream claims to be matte which it is but not completely it's like it is a demi matte finish which is great for me as it gives you that luminosity which is great for your skin in the summer months.

The bb cream claims to do 9 things in 1 here is what I think of the bb cream and everything that it claims to do.

1. Minimises the appearance of pores - I definitely agree with this I suffer with quite big pores on my nose and around my cheeks and I deliberately didn't wear a primer I just moisturised to see if this worked and you could barely see my pores.

2. Evens Skin Tone - Again this is true by using this bb cream out it evened my skin tone . My skin tone can be a little red and you could not see that with this bb cream.

3. Mattifies - it is definitely matte but like I talked about earlier I think it's more demi matte if you want this bb cream to be fully matte all you need to do is powder .

4. Controls Shine All Day - I would say that the shine stays at bay for about 5-6 hours again all you need to do is powder and then you will get a few more hours wear time from the bb cream.

5. Smoothes - the bb cream does smoothe out my skin

6. Soothes - I didn't notice that that the bb cream was soothing and I have been using it for a week that is one of the effect that I can live without.

7. Conceals Dark Circles - This bb cream is better then my other foundations at helping conceal dark circles and I have a lot of them going on as I just don't sleep - damn insomnia .

8. Helps Prevent Blemishes - I don't really suffer with spots or blemishes so I can't really say if it helps with that .

9. Gives All Day Coverage - I would say that on average you get 5-6 hours wear and then I get oily around my t-zone I will powder and it will give me another 3-4 hours which by that time I am ready to take my make - up off anyway.

My overall thoughts on this bb cream is that it's a really great product to try for the summer months and if you are going away on holiday where it is hot. The bb cream is so light weight you can barely feel it, its like a tinted moisturiser with all the above benefits.

I bought this bb cream at the end of last year and only tried it a couple of times and really didn't like it.

 I took it out of my make up stash to give it one last try and I absolutely love it . I used constantly for the last 2 weeks .

 I was going to give it to a friend or family member I am so glad I decided to keep this . I think this will be my go to over the summer and I will get a lot of use out of it .

I got the shade light I have looked on boots website and they do the shade very light so I will get that shade next as that might match my skin tone a little better .

The shades are  very light, light and medium. I would say that the light shade is more for medium skin tones and medium for darker skin tones .

You get 30ml of product like all foundations it blends out really well because this bb cream is so lightweight.  I apply with my hands which I feel works really well . I didn't feel like it worked so well with my usual technique which is a damp real techniques sponge it looked a bit patchy so I used my hands to blend it out  .

If you are after a base for the summer months that is very light weight I would definitely recommend this bb cream. I don't normally like bb creams this one though is brilliant and Super Affordable.

If you live in the U.K you can buy it from boots for £6.99  I will leave the link down below.

* Please note this is not a sponsored post I purchased this with my own money *

So what do you guys think have you tried this yet ? What are your thoughts on it if so.

Thanks for reading