Sunday 21 May 2017

May Glossybox 2017 Unboxing

Hello Beauties, this month it seemed like I was waiting ages for my glossybox to arrive normally glossybox arrives before my birchbox beauty box anyway it came a few days after birchbox arrived my glossybox turned up and to be honest this month I am disappointed with it there are only 2 products out of the 5 that I am really looking forward to using . I will use all these products though and do a review like always .

I have cancelled any future glossyboxes as I want to try the Deck Of Scarlet subscription service for a few months .

Let's talk about this months goodies that we got in this months glossybox the featured product is scrub love active charcoal body scrub and if I am being honest this is one of the main reasons I don't like the box I don't use scrubs but this one looks interesting as it does not have any of those horrible microbeads in the scrub which is what stops me using scrubs so maybe I will like it . Charcoal is a detoxifying ingredient which will be good for my skin. it's 100% natural ingredients, vegan and vegetarian friendly which is always good . The scrub is avocado and aloe vera scent . Even though I don't normally use scrubs I will use this and bring you a review . This product makes up the value of the box by itself as it retails for £13.95 which is the value of the box.

Next is a product I have never heard of before but I am really looking forward to using it as it's a multipurpose product . you can use it on your lips, hair to smooth flyaway hair or unruly brows it can also be used as a glitter adhesive for make up . If this is as good as I have heard I think I will be buying a back up of this little gem for make up collection. It's full size and is so inexpensive at just £6.95.

Up next is a brand called Ruby and it's a blush in coral - I love coral blush it's so me but I've swatched this one and on first impressions I really didn't like it . It swatched really powdery I will try it and let you know what my thoughts are on this and if I have a change of opinion.

Next is another product that I am looking forward to using it is the model launcher brow duo pencil . I love trying different products for my brows and I haven't tried this particular brand before .

Last but not least is laverna natural kosmetik hand cream - I am not one for hand cream again I will try this product out and let you know my thoughts. I have been using a hand cream by champneys and that is a really good hand cream I also like the soap and glory hand cream other then that I don't tend to use any other hand creams .

laverna natural kosmetik hand cream smells so nice your hands don't feel clammy at all with this cream on first impression it is a very light weight hand cream not thick at all like a lot of hand creams are .

Thanks for reading as always