Monday 22 May 2017


Hello Beauties, I don't normally do unboxing/first impression on electronics I thought I would do a quick post on this watch.

Last year I bought the Lavender Rose Gold 32MM Watch at the time I did want the 42MM Watch as it has a bigger face and I like a watch with a big face but the price difference was quite extreme so I decided to just buy the 32MM Watch.

I hadn't been wearing my Apple Watch for some time maybe 6 months and last week I decided that I wanted to wear it again as I want to go back to the gym next week so I charged my watch and the screen was blank it just wasn't for charging .

Lucky for me It was still under insurance pc world said they would send it back to apple for repair and the next day I got a call saying that they don't repair them and that I could choose a new apple watch but I couldn't have the same one as they no longer do that watch anymore which I am glad about now as I got to choose the 42mm watch for the same price . The series 1 watches have come down a little bit as apple have released a series 2 watch so I got to choose the 42mm watch.

This watch is very similar to lavender rose gold watch the colour looks pretty much identical except that the strap on this rose sand watch is a little lighter and the strap is thicker which is what I like aout this watch. The strap almost looks like a mans watch. The strap looks really feminine a dusky pink colour . I'm so glad that there was a fault on my watch and I got to choose this gorgeous watch.

When I did the unboxing and I linked this new watch to my iPhone I was surprised by the updates that apple had done since I had used my apple watch last .

Some of the updates that I have noticed is the Instagram app was there as well as twitter which I am obsessed with I am constantly on both of these apps.

If you are not already following me I would love for you to follow my Instagram and twitter . My Instagram is and my twitter is

When I was originally wearing the first apple watch that I had I only had the choice of the mickey mouse face and now they have added Minnie Mouse I don't think on my original watch this happened but when you tap the watch Minnie tells you the time it's so adorable . If your a Disney fan you will love that and the fact that you can change the colour of her dress but Minnie Mouse should be in red right ?  You get the choice of a lot of different faces now .

When you go to your watch app on your iPhone has been updated and their is a face gallery which is so cool.

There is an app called breathe which if you just take 1 min per day is supposed to help you relax which is worth a try if it helps me feel relaxed before I go to sleep at night I am sure this is a new app.

These are just the few new apps that I have noticed so far after a day of using this beautiful new watch.

The moral of this story is thank goodness I got my old apple watch insured because before I took it into pc world I spoke to apple about it as it was one of their products and one of their customer service representatives said that there is nothing they can do because I had the watch a year only just and the warranty had run out even though there was a fault on the watch they were not liable which is harsh . I am just so glad I had the watch insured I got the watch insured for 2 years last time  and for this watch I have gotten it insured for the life of the watch in case it does happen again there very expensive not to get them insured .