Monday 8 May 2017

Jewellery - My Pandora Rings That I Have Been Loving Wearing In April

Hello Beauties, It's very rare that I talk about jewellery or fashion on this blog and I want to do more of that here .

Apart from my love for beauty and make - up I have a huge passion for Pandora there jewellery is just so beautiful isn't it .

I have quite a lot of Pandora jewellery in my collection if you want me to do a post on that just leave me a comment as I know I am not the only one who loves Pandora and everyone loves to see what everyone else has in their collection especially when it comes to charms as there so personal and you can normally tell a lot about someone by the charms on there bracelet .

Enough about the rest of my Pandora collection these rings are just a few out of my Pandora collection that I have been loving this month . I have been wearing these rings through the month of April.

The flower ring at the back I got about a year and a half a go it was in the spring collection I believe it is still in the collection .

Then we have the love ring by the side of it which I got in the sale about 6 months ago .

The 3 rings at the front are without a doubt some of my favourites first there is the red love heart ring every time I wear this ring I think of my dad as it's his birthstone he died when I was seven so the ring is in memory of him.

Next we have a ring that I got for Christmas it's the hugs and kisses ring and my mum bought me this some times I use it as a thumb ring as the band of the ring is really thick .

The last ring that I have been wearing in April is this dainty bow ring I got this in the sale for £25 I was over the moon as it should have been £75 I got a real good bargain on this ring. I had wanted this ring for so long it's silver and the bow is 14 karat gold .

Do you love Pandora if so what rings do you have in your collection ?