Sunday 7 May 2017

Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks V's Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Hello Beauties, today I wanted to talk about these revolution renaissance lipsticks at the time of release there was so much controversy as the lipsticks and the packaging are dupes for the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks from the packaging to the shade range of the lipsticks .

The shades of lipstick that I bought from the Revolution Renaissance lipstick are

Awaken - This is a gorgeous nude which reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks Very Victoria and Pillow Talk. I would say Awaken is a mixture of both Very Victoria and Pillow Talk .

Rebirth - Rebirth looks a lot like the lipstick Stoned Rose from the Charlotte Tilbury collection rebirth is the only one from the revolution renaissance collection that I tried that felt matte and it wasn't a comfortable matte like the Charlotte Tilbury ones are I struggled to apply it and once it was on my lips they felt soooo dry . Stoned Rose is a Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick which is a cream but the colour of the lipsticks are very similar.

Lifelong- I don't have a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick like this the shade Lifelong is a beautiful nude pink and very creamy.

Triumph - Is a really dark brown more creamy then the rest of the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks . I don't have a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that looks like Triumph . I know Charlotte Tilbury does a lipstick in the shade Birkin Brown but I don't have it in my collection as I don't wear brown lipsticks normally I just wanted to see how dark this shade was .

Classic - Classic is a gorgeous classic red I really like this shade, well in all honesty I like them all apart from Rebirth and that is because it feels like you are dragging it across your lips and is so uncomfortable to wear .

Here are a few of my lipsticks out of my Charlotte Tilbury collection the revolution renaissance lipsticks are more like Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks which I only have a couple of . Most of my Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are the matte revolution  ones as they are my fave.

You can see how similar the Revolution Renaissance lipsticks are too the Charlotte Tilbury the packaging especially has been totally duped . Down to the beautiful rose gold packaging. The revolution renaissance lipsticks say Revolution on the lid whilst the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks have Charlotte Tilbury's Initials on the lid. Both the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks and the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick say the brand name near the top of the bullet.

The only difference I can see on the outer packaging is on the bottom of the bullet on the Revolution Renaissance lipstick there is a sticker with the colour of the lipstick and it tells you the shade whereas the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks all have the same sticker which is maroon and tells you the shade of the lipstick .

The other difference I noticed is the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks smell really nice like vanilla do you know like the mac lipsticks and the Revolution Renaissance do have a scent and it's not really a nice scent (I can't place what scent it is exactly)

If photos were taken of the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks without the lids you could definitely mistake them for being a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick they are just so similar .

I do actually like the formula of the Revolution Renaissance lipsticks they are nowhere near as good as the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick though . The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks are so creamy and don't feel matte at all and last 5-6 hours while the Revolution ones I get about 3 hours wear time  and that is if I don't eat or drink anything.

Yes the formula is still nice on the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks and most of the lipsticks are quite creamy that I tried . The shade Triumph though I found wasn't as nice as the other 4 lipsticks that I bought .

I think if I had the choice I would always buy the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks over the Revolution Renaissance lipsticks because the formula is so much nicer and the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are more of a collectors item .

I think people will be drawn to buying the revolution renaissance ones just because they look so similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks a lot of teenagers will be drawn to them and also if your on a budget and not too bothered about supporting a brand as there is a huge price difference they will choose the revolution ones over the charlotte tilbury lipsticks .

Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks are just £4 while Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are £24 yes there expensive but the matte ones are worth every penny.

The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the nicest matte lipsticks that I have tried they are matte when they are on they feel so creamy so comfortable to wear.

I bought 5 of the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks and even though I have enjoyed using them I don't think I will buy anymore I would rather save up and buy one more lipstick to add to my collection.

Someone once told me by cheap by twice they are so right I think in the long term the charlotte tilbury will last longer .

So what do you guys think have you tried the Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks ? Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks ?