Friday 19 May 2017

Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil Review

Hello Beauties, I have really been struggling with dry lips I think it's the change of weather and if I use chap sticks they tend to dry my lips out even more so I don't tend to use chap sticks they make my lips so dry and flaky.

I heard about this Clarins Lip Oil it's a lightweight Lip Oil awhile ago but didn't want to buy it as it is a lot more expensive but my lips got that dry and chapped I decided to give it a try not knowing what to expect hoping against hope that it actually helped my dry lips as it was so expensive and thankfully it did really help.

Oh my gosh this lip oil is so nice if you have dry lips that are in need of moisturising.
There are 7 of the lip oils that you can buy at the moment and cost £19. Yes they are expensive but they are worth it and I would definitely buy more of these . I have it in 03 Red Berry which is lovely and there not sticky at all.

Even if you don't have dry or chap lips this is great as a lip gloss as well and it's not one of those lip glosses that stick to your hair when the wind blows and your hair goes in your mouth . (don't you just hate when that happens )

I would definitely recommend this Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil it's so worth the pricey price tag.

Have you tried this Clarin's Instant Light Comfort Oil? What are your thoughts?