Friday 14 April 2017

Today's Charlotte Tilbury Face Make Up

Hello Beauties,

I have filmed a Charlotte Tilbury Collection video for my you tube channel and since I was doing that I thought I would wear some of her make up out of my collection.

I also thought I would do a post on the blog talking about the products I used in the look that I created today.

I will also be posting the full collection of charlotte tilbury products that I have in my collection.

I haven't used this Instant Look In A Palette for such a long time and since I was going to be filming a you tube video where I would only talk my Charlotte Tilbury products I wanted to talk about some of the products that I have in my collection.

My Charlotte Tilbury collection isn't huge but I do have quite a few products mainly Lipsticks as I love the formula of her lipsticks so much.

Lets talk about the palette ....

My favourite thing about this palette is that it is one of those palettes that is perfect for every day it's called the 5 Minute on the go Natural Beauty palette and I see why . You can literally create a look in 5 minutes and it has everything in the palette to create that look once you have put your base on that is.

When I first bought this palette I really didn't like it, it was more due to the eye shadows then the cheek products I absolutely loved the cheek products and still do.

The eye shadows are very light and not as pigmented as I would like but there are ways of getting them more pigmented .

The first shade in the palette is the Brighten shade on my eyes I don't really see that this shade does anything and the next shade which is a really nice champagne shimmer shade for the lid . I love it, It's just not as pigmented as I would like that's the enhance shade. I don't really think it enhances I have to put layer upon layer for it to have any pigmentation as you can see this eye shadow has quite a big dent in it more then the other 2 shades and that is because I was trying to get it to show up on my lids. There is a way around that though I used my NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray and it really helped with the pigmentation of the shadow.

I would have like a darker shade in it's place I can see why this shade has been chosen though as it is the Natural Beauty Palette. It would have been nice if it was just a tiny bit darker though.

 The smoke shade at the end of the palette is a really nice crease shade again it's not overly pigmented once it's been blended out so makes a really nice transition shade and it's really buildable so you can have it as light or intense as you want without it looking muddy.

it looks really nice in the lash line to smoke it out (if you want a day look skip this step ) then if you are going out straight from work you can use the smoke shadow in the lash line to give a smoky eye look

I love the cheek palettes in this palette and this is a palette that I recommend for travelling with . It's so handy as it has everything in for me it's more of a day look palette rather than a evening look palette . You could take another shimmer eye palette maybe a quad of your choice and it would just be perfect .

For me the next time I travel I will probably take this palette and the dolce vita quad as there are some nice darker shades in that palette that I could use in the evening.

The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder (wow try saying that when you have had a few cocktails :) ) This is one of those products that I have had recommended to me so many times and I finally bought into the hype just over a month ago I think. I have been using it every day that I wear make up and I wanted this powder as I was told it's finely milled which it is it's silky smooth in texture. All my other powders had been looking cakey when I applied them over my concealer and my concealer had been creasing really bad so I had high hopes for this one . I am really not sure if I like it which disappoints me as it isn't a cheap product to buy and my Rimmel one was the best high street product that I had been using apart from the Charlotte Tilbury being so finely milled. I really haven't noticed any difference until today that was.

I was filming my charlotte tilbury collection video and when I came across this product I was saying how my concealer still creases with this powder and when I actually took the time to look it didn't look as bad as usual . I did have a different base on today I wore Revlon Colour Stay so maybe it works differently with different bases. I had the same concealer on so I definitely will be giving you a review up date in the next few weeks.

You can see how natural the look is that I created and it literally only did take a couple of minutes to do because you can't really do anything else other than a look like this .

Because I was doing such a natural day look I wanted to do a nice bold lip the lipstick that I am wearing (drumroll please ) is Tell Laura I remember when I first got this lipstick I wanted a lipstick like this for awhile and then when I got home I really didn't like it on me . I was doing a natural look for the Charlotte Tilbury collection and I wanted to see once and for all If I still felt the same if I did I was going to find it a new home but with this look I really like it so this one will be staying in my collection . It's just a really beautiful orange toned red and I don't have too many reds like this in my collection.

I think I may just have one other lipstick that could be similar which is also matte and that's a NYX Matte Cream Lipstick .

What are your favourites/recommendations from the Charlotte Tilbury Collection....