Friday 28 April 2017

Sleek Magnitude & Lengthen Deep Blue Mascara Review

Hello Beauties,

I got this Sleek mascara quite a few months ago from my local poundland and thought I would do a review on it .

The white side of the mascara is the lengthening side this is the first step of the mascara and the deep blue mascara is the volumising side of the mascara.

I love these types of mascara's and also love to try out new mascara's and I love sleek products so when I came across this mascara in my local poundland I thought I would give it a try.

Unfortunatly this mascara was a huge let down for me when I applied the white lengthening side it felt quite sticky and it just got worse when I added the deep blue volumising side of the mascara.

It's a real shame as I hadn't come across any sleek mascara in the past before and was really excited to try this product .

I found the mascara left my eye lashes really clumpy and once the volumising side of the mascara was added to my lashes it just got worse the white lengthening and deep blue volumising smudged terribly and just looked a hot mess on me .

I didn't want to dismiss it straight away though so I tried it again the next day and the exact same thing happened . I just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with the way I was applying the mascara turns out it was just the mascara itself.

I have tried just using the deep blue volumising side of the mascara by itself  and it does absolutely nothing for my lashes whatsoever so I won't be using this mascara or passing it onto anyone as I just don't think it's worth the money . I hate being so negative about a product the only positive thing I can say about this mascara is the packaging is quite nice and the brushes of the mascara wand are really nice if you like small thin brushes but that is useless if the product itself does not work.

This is step one which is the lengthening side of the mascara the white mascara was really flaky and made the volumising mascara stick and make my lashes all clumpy. The only thing I do like about this mascara is the wand .

Now we have the volumising side of the mascara with the same nice brush but the mascara is just not a good one it did not volumise my lashes with or without the lengthening side of the mascara.

I am glad that I only paid a £1 for this product as sleek is quite an expensive brand and would have not been happy if It would have cost more money then that.

Have you tried this mascara what are your thoughts ?