Thursday 27 April 2017

Dealing With Haters & Trolls Around Birchbox Post

Hello Beauties,

Today is quite a different post to what I normally do it's more of a Story time post around this months Birchbox which was the lovely collaboration with boden.

I absolutely love this box it's got such a bold and vibrant print on it perfect for spring and summer so I decided to write a little mini first impressions on the products and show my love for this gorgeous box.

I haven't been subscribed to Birchbox for that long when I receive this box in may it will be my fourth box and I have loved all of them so far.

Birchbox have a Birchbox facebook page and I have left comments the last few times that I have received my box but never posted a photo before .

The photo I posted was the one above and I wanted to post it just because I was that impressed with the box this month.

I hadn't tried any of the products so it was a First impressions mini review and photo more then anything I will be doing a more Indepth review on the blog when I have used the products.

I just said on the Birchbox facebook page how pretty this months box is and I will be keeping it for makeup these drawer like boxes are so handy for that so anyway not long after I posted that photo and first impressions on the birchbox facebook page someone said SP I was like what ?

I  didn't say anything further but was thinking to myself what does that mean then this week I had a few other people look at my photo and what I wrote and quite nastily wrote did birchbox pay you to write this review and staged photo.

Staged Photo as you can see from above it's not a staged photo this is the one that is on my blog post of birchbox....

I was so shocked nothing like this has ever happened to me I have a very small You Tube Channel and my blog is growing but not to the point where I have brands paying me to do reviews. (I wish).

My opinions are exactly that they are my own opinions even if I was sent something from a brand I would not let this influence me either way . The fact is I buy Birchbox and Glossy Box each month to do reviews on my blog and also because I want to try new products and give reviews on the products in the box.

I know this blog post is going on for a bit now but I was just so shocked at what these people were saying to me and I know in the grand scheme of things it isn't a lot of hate compared to what others go through . I've been bullied when I was in high school and don't agree with hate or trolls . I just wanted to talk to you about what happened.

I love blogging and I will never stop writing just because of a few comments and I have recently started my you tube channel again and I am loving that again . At the end of the day I know what the truth is and so does Birchbox  and at the end of the day that's all that matters.

I ended it with saying Of course I wasn't paid to write what I wrote and take the photo that I did and that I buy birchbox every month from my own money whether they chose to believe me is up to them .

Have you suffered with hate if so how do you deal with it ? I would love to know .