Wednesday 26 April 2017

Primark Instagirl Beautiful Marble Nails Review

Hello Beauties,

I wanted to to talk to you a few weeks ago about this post and then I forgot about it, It's only now with me going through my Instagram feed that I have reminded myself about it and it's the gorgeous Primark Insta Girl Marble Nails that Primark brought out a few months ago.

I am not normally one for false nails I prefer nail polish but these were just too gorgeous for me to resist and marble is so on trend at the minute I wanted to try them out.

 So this is what the packaging looks like with the nails in them half are like a really pretty nude muted grey shade and the other half are a gorgeous marble effect with a gold trim which just looks so pretty and are so inexpensive at just for £1.50.

I definitely agree that these nails are perfect for Instagram there just so pretty there the nails that are so on trend at the moment which are pointed.

I love the Aesthetic of the nails and really love the way they look they just look so pretty especially the marble effect nails.

I found them really difficult to wear which was unlike me as I have used Primarks False Nails in the past. The only thing I can think of is that it's because they are pointed which I am not used too so I only kept them on for 2 days . They just didn't feel comfortable on my nails which is a real shame but I don't see it as a waste as I got 2 days wear out of the nails.

I think these nails are more the kind of nails that you wear when you go out for the evening and want to look stylish rather then wearing them everyday.

I am really glad I bought them I love the Marble Effect and just had to try these Instagirl Nails when I saw them in Primark .

I really like them if you want to wear them for a long period of time like you do Nail Polishes you might want to skip these but if you have an occasion to go to and want something nicer then Nail Polish and fancy some Nail Art these are perfect and unlike anything I have seen so far . These nails are definitely Instagram worthy I can see where the name came from....

You can see that they also do Instagirl Nail Polish I have all 3 Shades which I will be doing a review on very shortly . I think the nail polishes were £1.50 as well if I am not mistaken more on that soon.

Have you tried any of primark's instagirl products would love to hear from you ? What are your thoughts ?