Saturday 22 April 2017

Kardashian Khroma Beauty - Kourtneys Kardazzle Complete Face Palette First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

This little Palette has been in my collection for awhile now probably about 2 years I'm surprised the powders have not gone out of date.

First things first though how lovely is the packaging right up my street with the rose gold packaging the palette is from the Kourtney, Kim, Khloe Khroma Beauty Collection and the palate is named Kourtney's Kardazzle and it's the complete face palette .

This palette is very deceiving you don't expect to get as much product as you do you get 8 eyeshadows 4 are matte and 4 are shimmer satin eyeshadows.

You also get the face products that you need a nice pink blush, a white highlight with golden undertones (which is really really pretty ) not that I need another highlight in my collection. At the moment though I am loving highlights and testing them. Last but not least is the bronzer in the palette . I don't really see this as much of a bronzer it's more of a blush but I did use it in a look I created with this palette and it can be used as a bronzer if you use it sparaingly.

This is the look that I created today using the Kardashian Khroma Beauty Palette . I'll talk first about the eye shadows that I used. Firstly I used the cream shadow to set my base. Then I went into the peach shade on my crease and deepened it out with the darker brown shadow in the outer v and my crease and then I used the gold shimmer eye shadow on my lid. Instead of using a eye shadow brush I used my finger and tapped the shadow onto my lid and then on the outer third of my lid I used the cranberry shimmer shadow.
Last but not least I decided to run the cranberry matte shadow on the lashline to give the look

I really like the look that I created and plan to do other looks using the rest of the eyeshadows in this palette so look out for that in a future blog post along with swatches off the palette and more of an indepth review.

Little bit of a siden note though how gorgeous is that marble candle I'm loving marble at the moment I'm thinking of buying a marble chopping board for my Instagram photos . what do you guys think ? do you think I should carry on using my white table for my photos or make the investment and get a marble background? would love to know your thoughts ?

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