Friday 7 April 2017

Kathleen Lights X Colour Pop Collaboration - Where The Night Is

Hello Beauties,

Today I bring you the Kathleen Lights and Colour pop Quad and my thoughts on this collaboration that they did .

I have been using this Where the Night is quad even less then the Where the light is quad but I fully intend to get more use out of it as it really is a stunning quad .

In the top photo I am wearing Porter and Weenie from the Where the Light is quad they look beautiful by themselves what I thought I would do though today is something different by wearing Porter on the eye lid and weenie in the middle of the eye lid and the outer corner.

I love colour pop eye shadows they are so pigmented and stay on the eye lid all day . You don't even need to wear a primer with these eye shadows they are that pigmented .

Telepathy - is a really unique gold it reminds me of the gold that is from the Gwen Stefani the shade 1987 . At Christmas I wore the shade 1987 and wanted a bit more pigmentation so I added some of the shade telepathy which made the 1987 shadow pop.

Weenie - is my favourite shadow from the quad it's a lovely rose gold shadow it's beautiful this is the shadow that I use the most out of the quad . If you have light coloured eyes this shadow makes your eyes really pop.

Porter - is a gorgeous cranberry matte shadow looks really nice on the lid with weenie as well just putting it on the lid by itself .

Midnight - I have only really swatched this shade I just feel it's too dark for me . It's really pretty I may do a smoky eye with it and see what that looks like Midnight Is a matte shadow with specks of glitter running through it .

I highly recommend both of the Kathleen Lights and Colour pop eye shadow quads Where the light is, is my favourite as the eye shadows in that quad are more neutral I think midnight in this quad is the only shadow that I really won't get a lot of use out of . I will try the Midnight shadow out and if I don't like it I will pass it onto someone .

I highly recommend both of these quads I think Kathleen lights  and Colour Pop did an amazing job with this collaboration on choosing the shades for the quads . I have checked the colour pop website these quads are not limited edition so they are still available and you can also buy the individual shadows . Which is good news for me as I love the shades Kathleen Lights and Weenie so much .

I have said it before I just wish the custom charges wasn't so expensive the shipping costs to the U.K are not that expensive it's just the customs charge that is what really put me off putting in another order.

So what are your thoughts on these quads ? do you have either of the Kathleen Lights quads?