Saturday 1 April 2017

Kathleen Lights X Colour Pop Collaboration - Where The Light Is Review and Swatches.

Hello Beauties,

Recently I have been wanting to do a quick eye look but wanted the eye shadows to be highly pigmented and I remembered that I had both of the Colour Pop X Kathleen Lights collaborations .

I am a big fan of Kathleen Lights and love to watch her videos on you tube when I get the chance .

I saw awhile ago while watching one of Kathleen Lights videos that she was bringing her first eyeshadow quad out with colour pop which is called Where The Light Is such a beautiful quad and I haven't hardly had any use out of this so I decided to get this out of my collection along with the other collection Where the Night Is . Both these collections are Amazing but Where the Light Is, Is my favourite.

I love colour pop eye shadows and they are just so inexpensive what is expensive however is the nasty custom fees that you get charged with so I don't really order that much from colour pop. I think I have placed 2 orders from colour pop it's such a shame as they do some lovely products the charges are just too much. You have your international shipping plus customs it's just not worth it for me .
I am so pleased that I got both these quads though they have some gorgeous eye shadows especially the shimmery satin eye shadows there so smooth. Some of the mattes can be a bit temperamental let me talk you through the shadows in each quad and what I think of them. I have also taken photos of the shadows so you can see what they swatch like.

These are the shadows from the first quad that I bought Where the Light Is -

Cornelious - Is a gorgeous transition shade which is a matte eyeshadow  that is just perfect for the crease . My only issue with this shade is that it's not as smooth as the other 3 shadows and can be quite awkward to work with.
These shadows are best used with a duo fibre brush and I don't have many of them lying around in my collection so I find that I use a transition shade from another palette if I am in a rush like I have been this week.
Also you really have to build the colour up the swatch on my arm has been swatched 3 times and it still only looks really light . This is the same intensity that I would like on my eyes and I haven't used a base or primer . I wanted to show you what the shadows were like true to colour .
The good thing about Cornelious is it's very buildable it doesn't look patchy like some eye shadows do that I have used.
I will have to start using this a bit more than I have and invest in a few more duo fibre brushes.

Glow - Oh my gosh this is such a great shadow for me to use as a base I actually forgot this came in the collection until I swatched it for this photo. I use this as a base if you have darker skin then Porcelain to Fair this will make a great brow bone highlight if you like matte highlighters.
This shadow is so buttery and just goes on the eyes like a dream I love it . I need to start wearing this more. There is such a difference between this shadow and the cornelious  shadoe in pigmentation and they are both matte eye shadows.

Blaze - Blaze is a gorgeous metallic eyeshadow and looks gorgeous on the eyes it's a bronze eye shadow with flecks of gold glitter running through it very buttery it feels like a satin when it's on your eyes though you can just tell it's a metallic eyeshadow .

Kathleen Lights - this shadow is stunning I don't know what I will do when I run out of it I just love it so much. I am wearing this shadow in the snap chat filter in the far left of those photos at the top of this page and you can just see how this shadow makes my blue eyes pop . It's definitely my favourite from the entire quad. Kathleen Lights did an amazing job in creating this shade in particular .
I think you can actually buy the shades from the quads now individually so when I run out of Kathleen Lights I will probably stock pile them if they are still selling it . I mean just look at how pigmented the Kathleen Lights shade is .

Kathleen Lights and Blaze only needed to be swatched once . I swatched Glow twice and Cornelious needed to be swatched three times because it wasn't as pigmented as the other shadows. I suspect Corneilous once I use my mac paint pot will show up a lot better I can only speak for what it looked like with no eye primer or base.

I am so glad that I decided to get this quad and can't believe I have gone all this time without really using it . I think I will be using this a lot in April and has definitely been a favourite of mine in March the last couple of weeks .

I'll be talking about the Where the Night is quad in my next post please check back for my thoughts on that and the swatches .

Thanks for reading

Have you got this palette ? What are your thoughts on it ?