Friday 31 March 2017

Glossy Box March 2017 First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

Another month another Glossy Box First Impressions this month though I didn't get the card that told me what the products were and how much there RRP which I found really strange . Did that happen to anyone else ?

I re-subscribed to Glossy Box In January and it was one of the best decisions that I made . I am getting to try products that I would not have tried under normal circumstances and definitely think this is worth £10.00 plus p&p each month it's my guilty pleasure at the month.
I find myself looking forward to the time of the month when it's going to arrive to see what comes in that months glossy box . As long as I am happy I with the contents of the box I will continue to subscribe to Glossy Box.

The first thing that I came across in the box was Schwartzkopf Got2B Playful Styling Primer I love Schwartzkopf hair products I am really looking forward to trying this out . The description on the back of the bottle is go play explore endless styling fun with Got2B Playful and let your imagination run wild . Creative braids, twists, buns and curls . This styling primer gives you the grip and control you need . You get 100ML of product in this bottle which is full size RRP is £4.19.

Next is something that I have heard so much about the last few months from a brand called This Works it's the In Transit Camera Close Up Mask, Moisturiser and Primer In One. So many bloggers have told me this Primer is a great Primer so I can't wait to try it for myself . It's come at the perfect time too as I have just run out of my Benefit Porefessonal Primer. This product is a deluxe mini at 20ML the full size version is 40ML and the RRP is £30 so the deluxe mini is worth £15 which already is worth more than the box itself with just this one product alone.

Next is the Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette when we was allowed to choose the sleek palette that we preferred I was so excited . I love sleek and have quite a few of their sleek palettes (let me know if
you would like to see which ones I have and swatches of the palettes) I don't have any of Sleeks Eye & Cheek Palettes so I'm really excited to try this as well. There was 4 palettes 2 cool palettes and 2 warm palettes the one that I asked for is called A Midsummers Dream it looks amazing I will definitely be doing a review on this very soon. This Palette is full size and the RRP is £9.99 . The shadows and the blushes look so gorgeous in this palette .

Next is Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Day Cream this is a deluxe sample size you get 20ML in the full size version you get 50ML for £23.95 which is very generous and seems like a very reasonable price to pay for a good day cream . I am always on the look out for a good day cream so again I am looking forward to trying this out .

Last but certainly not least is the oolution eye contour cream I was really surprised I thought this was a deluxe sample size with it only having 15ML of product inside it . I looked on oolution website and it's actually full size the mini is a 5ML which is 12 euros to buy and the 15ML is 35 euros to buy (which converts to £29.94) which is so expensive for an eye cream so I have high expectations for this eye cream . I am not actually using an eye cream at the moment so I will be using this over the next few weeks and bring you a review on it. Here is the description of the website - A sparkling way of seeing life!
Makes my eyes fresh and bright.
Ultra-thin and penetrating cream.
15 mL of amazement!

I have worked out the entire contents of this months glossy box out compared to the prices that I have managed to find out online as I didn't have the card this month. I was so shocked it comes to £69.12 the price of glossy box with postage is only £12.95 so it has been well worth getting this month.

Did you get the Glossy Box in March What are your thoughts?