Wednesday 8 March 2017

Primark Instagirl Collection First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

I was in Primark yesterday and I saw they came out with a new collection called Insta Girl which is centered around Instagram . I love Instagram so just had to get some of the collection.

Primark have done a full collection in this photo everything matches.  This collection is all called it girl which is a gorgeous blushed pink . The lip liner pencil is so smooth and such a bargain at just £1.50. I know the lip liner is slightly more expensive then the original lip liners that primark originally brought out that's probably due to the formula being much better and the packaging is nicer too. The original lip liners were £1 and came in black packaging I think the white packaging is so much nicer for taking Instagram and blog photos .  You can see that the liquid lipstick matches both the lip liner and the nail polish . I love Primark for their liquid lipsticks they can be a bit hit and miss though . This it girl liquid lipstick is such a pretty colour I am hoping it will be more of a hit than a miss . Then there is the it girl nail polish which again is such a pretty shade.

I got all 3 of the Instagirl nail polishes there in the shades it girl, nude selfie and insta glam I need to keep an eye out for the matching lip liners and liquid lipsticks . These nail polishes are such beautiful shades. I am wearing Insta glam nail polish today. It does say that you only need one coat of these nail polishes I put 2 coats of insta glam on . Insta glam did feel thicker than some of my normal nail polishes but it wasn't fully opaque  so that's why I put 2 coats of the nail polish on. The colour is gorgeous it really reminds me of the nail polish that I got in last months glossybox ciate's fade to greige at a fraction of the price. Ciate nail polishes retail at £9 and these nail polishes are just £1.50. I will be giving more of an indepth review when I know how they wear. You get 10.5ML of product in these nail polishes.

On first impressions I absolutely love this Insta Girl nail polish in insta glam and cannot wait to try the other shades in the collection. I think for the price it's great value and doesn't smell as strong as the normal nail polish in Primark's PS Range the ones that are 0.80p they smell really chemically these Insta Girl ones don't smell like this at all.

So what do you think have you tried anything from this collection if so what are your thoughts?