Tuesday 21 March 2017

A Tale As Old As Time

Hey Beauties,

A bit of a different post today I have just come home from watching YES you guessed it Beauty And The Beast ....

Oh  my gosh it was so good if you haven't seen this I Highly Recommend it. I used to work at the Odeon and my old boss sent me a couple of cinema tickets so my mum and I went to watch this tonight . It was lovely all the little girls were dressed up as Belle

I absolutely loved it more dare I say it then the animated Disney movie I am so glad that they made it into a film . Emma Watson did an amazing job playing the role of Belle. I also loved Gaston (Luke Evans ) played the role of Gaston so well.

I could easily watch this movie again in fact I think I'm going to watch it again at the end of the month as my Niece wants to go and watch it so I said I would go and watch it with her .

I very rarely talk about movies that I go and see here on Beauty With Andrea but how could I not Beauty And The Beast is one of my favourite animation Disney movies I used to watch this movie with my eldest niece and she's 24 now

So who's been to watch Beauty And The Beast & What are your thoughts ?

As always thanks so much for reading this post I would love to hear your thoughts on this movie