Monday 27 March 2017

Celebrating My 2nd Year Of Blogging

Hello Beauties,

This post has been a long time coming a couple of weeks ago my blog turned 2 years old .
I can't actually believe I have been writing on Beauty With Andrea for 2 years it has gone so quick and I have loved every minute of these last 2 years and long may the blog anniversaries continue.

If you can remember from my 1st blog anniversary I had a cake made to celebrate the occasion so I thought I would do the same for my 2nd Blog anniversary and dare I say it I actually like this cake more than the previous cake that I had last year.

 If you like the look of this cake yourself and have a blog anniversary coming up or even have a birthday and want to have a personalised birthday cake. I highly recommend these cakes from Asda they are huge it only cost £12 and you can get 22 pieces out of it and there is a bigger one then this to choose from which was massive for £15.

 As you can see you can personalise it with whatever writing you like I decided to keep the writing with the theme which of course is monochrome it's so me at the moment . You can choose any colour you want for the writing and outline though and then the filling can either be strawberry or chocolate . I thought a chocolate filling would be too much so I decided to play it safe with strawberry jam . I know all my family like that filling as well .

A cake would not be a cake without the candles which are from Asda as well. This year around the time of my blog anniversary I had a lot to celebrate . My nephew's fiancée had her 2nd little boy who is just too cute for words , I have decided to also write another blog alongside this one which is a huge passion of mine. I have talked about it before as well as loving beauty I have been a lover of photography for the last 13 years . Over the last 2 years especially I have loved portrait photography .
I am in the process of building my portfolio which my family members have helped me with. I am very lucky to have some very photogenic family members in my family . If you would like to check out the site I'll leave the link on the post but just remember I have only had it up a few days and the website is still a work in progress . The link for my new website is

Thanks for reading and thanks being a part of my blog these last 2 years I really appreciate it .