Saturday 25 February 2017

Milani Conceal & Perfect First Impression/Review

Hello Beauties,

I got this foundation a couple of weeks as I had heard great things about it so I was really looking forward to trying this out and also I was going out for my birthday so I needed a full coverage foundation and I don't normally wear full coverage foundations so I needed to buy one for my collection.  Since this Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation had the most hype I thought this may as well be it. I really liked the idea that it was both foundation and concealer in 1.

It pains me to say it but I was really disappointed with this foundation I was expecting great things just because of all the reviews I have read and you tube videos I have watched I didn't like it at all.

As you would expect the foundation was very thick it felt too thick infact it was like my skin could not breathe properly. Also I found this foundation accentuated my pores even though I put on benefit's porefessional which normally does a great job at minimising my pores.

The worst thing of all is that I chose the lightest shade in the collection and was fine when I applied it but it oxidised so bad it looked really orange on my skin.

The only good thing that I can say about this foundation is that it is long wearing but I simply don't recommend it just because it oxidises so much. I have even tried putting lightening drops in the foundation to see if that helps which unfortunately it doesn't .

If you have light to fair skin tone unfortunately Milani do not have a shade for you in their collection as this is the lightest shade 01 vanilla and it's just too dark as it oxidises far too much. I wish I had better things to say about this foundation but I can only tell you my truth and this is not something that I would re-purchase of course if you are interested in trying the foundation for yourself you should do that these are just my thoughts and opinions on the product.

I think even if It didn't oxidise on me I wouldn't like it in fairness as it is very thick it looks extremely cakey and clings to any dry patches. I don't have a lot of dry patches I do however have some around my nose and it did cling there which just looked horrible .

I hope this review has been helpful I really don't like to bash this foundation I just wanted to give you this first impressions review just in case you are thinking of buying it and if you are the same skin tone as me just make you aware that you will probably struggle to get the right colour match.

What the Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation claims to do

* Medium to Full Coverage - like I discussed previously it is definitely full coverage if it was medium to buildable full coverage I would have been able to wear it. I felt like I could only have it on my skin for a few hours then I needed to take it off.

* Lightweight Oil Free Formula - I didn't feel like it was a lightweight foundation it felt very heavy on my skin. I didn't notice that it was making me oily but I don't normally have problems with foundation making me oily . I have normal to combination skin. I sometimes get oily from wearing my glasses all day but that's about it .

* Long Wearing, Water Resistant and Sweat Proof - I definitely agree with the fact that it's long wearing, Water Resistant and Sweat Proof I could not answer that as I didn't end up using this foundation as it oxidised to much on my skin so I couldn't test it under those conditions. It's a shame though as going dancing and to a club would have been the right conditions to test this foundation in .

Let me know your thoughts do you like it ?