Wednesday 22 February 2017

Celebrating 1K International Giveaway On Our Lovely Blog....

Hello Beauties,

This is an exciting post today Beauty With Andrea recently hit 1,000 Followers and I can't thank you enough for coming on this journey with me. It's been a really tough 2 years I can't believe next month I would have been writing on Beauty With Andrea for 2 years it just means so much to have you here with me and your lovely comments have got me through some of my Darkest Days and Nights so truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read Beauty With Andrea.

I recently did a Poll on twitter where you got to choose the Giveaway that you would most like to see in this Giveaway just because each and everyone of you mean so much to me and what you think is important to me. The choices were the Elizabeth Arden Travel On The Go Gift Set or the Kat Von D Rust Quad can you guess what won ?

Yes of course the Kat Von D Rust Quad won and I am not surprised it's a great palette. I have this one myself and in my Giveaway's I only like to Giveaway products that I love to use that I know are good. If I don't like them how can I expect others too.

 I was just going to be giving the Kat Von D Rust Quad away in this giveaway but I saw this gorgeous Scarf  and I have this Highlight already it's really nice it gives you such a nice glow so I thought I would add that.

This Kat Von D Rust Quad is the best one that Kat Von D has come out with there are 3 others in the collection. The others didn't appeal to me when I bought mine so I thought I would add this to the Giveaway and this is what you have chosen.

The giveaway will be done through Rafflecopter as all my giveaways are and when the giveaway ends Rafflecopter will choose a winner.

The rules of the giveaway are on Rafflecopter I will add them on this blog post also.

You must be following my twitter @beautywivandrea
You must also leave a tweet so that I know that you have entered

You must be following me on bloglovin and leave a comment on one of my most recent posts.

You must be following my you tube channel and once the video goes up to say that this giveaway has gone live leave a comment on the video just so I know who has entered and if you are a new subscriber to my channel add that as well.

You must be following my Instagram account @beautywithandrea36 and comment on one of the photos

Also you must be over the age of 18 or have your parents permission to enter as if you win  I will need your address to send this prize to you.

Good luck everyone .