Friday 13 January 2017

January Glossybox 2017

Hello Lovelies,

I recently decided to renew my subscription with glossy box and I received my first glossy yesterday I have done a video on the products that you get in this months blog post so I thought I would give you my first impressions on the box.

 The glossy box comes in the pretty pink box with tissue paper and black ribbon it really feels like your getting luxury products.

I haven't had a Glossy Box in over a year and a half I forgot how exciting it felt to get it in the mail but I have to admit I did have concerns over what I would be receiving in this months box.

The reason I unsubscribed because I felt like they were sending the same products to me month after month and I didn't use the products so it was a waste of money.

Anyway I decided to give them another go and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by what glossy box decided to put in January's box and I am glad that I renewed my subscription I'm looking forward to getting February's glossy box now :)

As I have renewed my subscription with glossy box the first thing that I see is welcome to glossy box card and on the back of the card is all their social media which is handy if you want to tag glossy box into any of your posts.

Below the welcome card is of course the card that comes with the box each month that tells you what products you get and what the prices are which I will go through now.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the box and was really excited about trying just because I have been umming and ahhing about getting the balm meet matt(e) trimony eye shadow palette they are quite expensive so I haven't got it up to now anyway glossy box have put one of the single eye shadows from that palette in this months box so exciting and it's in the really pretty aubergine shade which is the nicest colour from the meet matt(e) trimony palette in my opinion. it's such a beautiful shade. The price of the eye shadow palette is £34

Next they have also included another thing that I cannot wait to try which is the nip and fab kale moisturiser that they have added in the box and I am really excited to try this as I have tried a few things from nip and fab and they are a really good brand. The moisturiser is a really generous deluxe sample size you get 30ML of product and in the full size you get 100ML and it is quite an expensive moisturiser at £19.95 so I have high hopes for this on how it is going to perform.

The next product is another skin care product that I am really looking forward to trying and I will be honest I have never tried this brand before it's by a brand called Unami I think it's a Spanish brand and it's their illuminate milk cleanser I'm really focusing on looking after my skin this year so I am really pleased that they have included so many skin care products this month and this is a full size product RRP is £14 I am really looking forward to trying this product especially as it says that it gives you a nice glow so I will be putting that to the test.

Next is product that I wouldn't normally use as I don't use face masks normally but I will be using this one as it is a Korean face mask and I would like to try it out. Again it's from a company I have never heard of called vitamasques and it is a manuka honey face mask which sounds interesting RRP is £3.99

Last but certainly not least is a product that i'm not that impressed with just because I  have tried one before and did not like it and that is the Spa to you konjac sponge granted the one that I got wasn't from this particular brand mine was from TK Maxx I can't remember what brand it was from all I can remember is me not liking it so what I am going to do with this one is give it away in my next give away for someone to try who will appreciate it the RRP of this konjac sponge is £7.99 but if you wanted to try one you can pick them up for £3.99 at your local TK Maxx.

All in all I am very impressed with this months glossy box and will be looking forward to Februarys glossy box I just hope they don't repeat products we have had skin care I hope to receive a little more make up in February's :)

I know some people who are not into skin care and looking after their skin as much will be a little disappointed as the box was just full of skin care but I for one welcome that but it's just because I have decided to take better care of my skin

So what do you think of glossy box this month were you excited or disappointed with the products that came in your glossy box?