Wednesday 11 January 2017

January Sales - Furla 3 In 1 Bag

Hello Beauties,

I didn't get that much in the January sales this year  but what I did get at, an absolute steal is this gorgeous set of 3 Furla bags as someone that loves handbags I loved this little set and what was the icing on the cake was the price the RRP on these bags was £140 which is a lot considering they are only small handbags and I got them for £25 which was just insane.

I will be honest I would not have paid £140 paid for these bags but £25 is an absolute steal

I got the bags from my local TK Maxx about a week after Christmas it was the last one I think that is the reason why it had been reduced there were a few little dints in the box it was wrapped in sellophane and I didn't actually see that until I got the box home it's really not a big deal I will keep the box to store the bags in.

The little dints in the box are a small price to pay for the discount that I received . I also think these bags may have been reduced because they are summer colours.

The Bags also come in this lovely white Furla dust bag I like it when you get the dust bags to keep the bags nice and clean and I like that I have the box to store them in even if it is a bit beaten up :)

When I first opened the box I just saw the cranberry coloured clutch I thought to myself maybe you do just get the one which left me feeling disappointed but it was still worth the money.

I opened the Clutch and then saw the 2 smaller bags inside you get a gorgeous Fuscia bag and the smaller one is a cute Grey bag this is perfect for just putting in your handbag you can put your phone in there and lipstick .

I always struggle to find my phone when it's in my bag so I think this is perfect 2 of my most loved items my phone and lipstick  can go in this nice little Grey handbag :)

I never thought I'd own any Furla handbags for this price though I couldn't leave them in the shop TK Maxx have some great bargains don't they?

I love the gold hardware on all of these handbags is so lovely and the leather Is of the highest quality it's Italian leather so I feel like I got a really good bargain.

Here are is some information on Furla

Furla bags and purses are created for sophisticated, self-confident women who avoid eccentric, temporary trends

Furla has been founded in 1927 by the Furlanetto family and today it is one of the last Italian companies managed by its founding family. The company’s headquarter is set in Bologna, in an impressive villa with a huge garden where creativity is always near. Since 1927 Furla operates only in Italy and keeps its focus on high-quality bags, shoes and purses for ladies. Until today there are Furla stores set in 91 countries worldwide and statistically a Furla bag is sold every 29 seconds… Furla’s secret reason for success is that they manage the balance between tradition and modern life especially well. All of the Furla purses and handbags combine a simple, elegant Italian style with innovative, modern elements.

What did you all get in the sales I would love to know . I did order a few bit of make up as well which i'm still waiting on when I receive it I will be doing a post on what I got so keep an eye out for that

As always thanks for reading