Friday 13 January 2017

Instax Mini 8 Camera - Christmas Present

Hello Beauties,

I didn't really do a what I got for Christmas post so I thought I would let you know my thoughts on this little beauty.

 This is what the camera looks like in the box and you do get some film with the camera which is good you get 10 pictures with the camera so it's great to start off with and lasted over the Christmas period .

I had wanted this camera for awhile but when it first came out it was quite expensive to buy they have gone down in price a lot since they were released. I chose white just because it's so classic and looks really nice on my dresser as it's white.

The film is very expensive for these instax camera's that's the only drawback of using it is the price of the film for 20 pictures it costs £22.99 from Jessops I have actually found a place where it is slightly cheaper and that is Curry's and Argos in both of those shops the film is £15.99 so quite a price difference next time I need some film I will just get it from one of those stores.

This camera is great for special occasions like the holiday season to capture the magic of Christmas etc it's not really a camera to be used every day.

 I decided to buy this myself it's the cheeky little extra's accessory pack you actually get quite a lot so it's great value for money.

You get a white case which is really handy and really sleek too a white photo album and a white selfie lens which makes It so much easier to take selfies and I love a good selfie a long with my 6 year old niece she absolutely loves this camera.

I wish I would have had this accessory kit on Christmas day when I got the camera as I wasted a couple of photos trying to figure out how to take the photos.

The selfie lens makes it so much easier as it has a little mirror on the lens it's really easy to put onto the camera it just clips onto the lens.

If you have one of these cameras and you don't have one of these cheeky little extras accessory kits I highly recommend it, it just makes taking photographs a lot easier.

 It is worth the money it was £24.99 to buy from Jessops I had to hunt this white one down curry's and argos had all the other colours apart from white just shows how popular the white camera is.
The price of this kit is the same everywhere I did a bit of research and found that it was the same price in all of the stores you may be able to get a used one cheaper of ebay .

 I think the case is lovely it protects the camera really well the camera is really snug and you get a nice little strap I really like this little photo album that you get with the accessory kit to put all your little snaps in it's just a really great camera for you to take photos that you want to keep as memories like the ones I took below.

Here are a couple of snaps that I took around the Christmas period the one on the left is of me and my lovely mum and the one on the right is of me and my gorgeous niece in her wonder woman costume she is in awe of this camera she is at the age where she likes taking selfies but this camera is like magic to her as the photo comes out straight away and you get to see the photo develop it is pretty awesome.

I think the quality of these photographs are really good I am very impressed with this camera overall.

This is a camera I definitely recommend I love it these little pink sparkly frames I bought from primark they were only £1 which is a bargain .