Thursday 29 December 2016

Too Faced Christmas Collections/ Christmas Presents I got

Hello Beauties,

In todays post I wanted to share with you some of my Christmas presents that I got and also talk a little bit about what my first impressions of all the products are.

I will be doing reviews on all of these products later in the month when I have used them a little more yesterday was the first time that I used these products.

 I well and truly got spoilt this year and got the majority of the too faced Christmas collection I did want It last year when too faced did there collection but I missed out by the time I asked for the products they had sold out and the only place you could get all the lovely Christmas collection from was direct from the too faced website itself  which is really expensive to ship to the U.K so reluctantly at the time I ended up choosing some other things.

I am really pleased to have these in my collection and I think too faced have done such an amazing job with this years collection don't you?

 Too Faced always do such an amazing job with their packaging in my opinion all their make up comes in such gorgeous packaging this year though with their Christmas collection I really feel like they knocked that ball right out of the park it's so beautiful or as my 6 year old niece says it's so ADORABLE!!!

Seriously how cute is this packaging I am going to put this little palette on my dresser and leave it open it's like a little decoration as well as an eye shadow palette

I'm not sure how I feel about their best seller better then sex mascara the first one that I bought was back in may when I went to Portugal and I bought it from Sephora and I remember trying it a few times and wasn't overly impressed maybe I will try it again and see if I like it any better as it is in the palette

 Lets just take a minute to look at the eye shadows in this collection I will be talking more about this in the review that I do and give swatches but I just had to show you what the inside of the palette looks like.

If you have been reading  my blog for awhile you will notice a theme I don't use bright colours at all I am such a neutral girl when it comes to the eye shadows I wear but this bright purple on the bottom row looks super pretty and I am just drawn to it I cannot wait to try it  out.

I did try all the make up for the first time yesterday that I am talking about here and I just love it so far but I did only try a few of the eyeshadows out of this palette yesterday so I don't want to do a review at this point I want to use everything a few more times and see if I still feel the same about the products .

I also got the grand café hotel which looks stunning I haven't tried it yet so that will be in a future post.

                   This is a gorgeous kit such a good way to try some of too faced best sellers

 I have been wanting to try all of these products now for such a long time and love that too faced did a little kit like this so you don't have to buy the full size products you can trial the minis out first and they are all deluxe size so they should last awhile and if you don't like them you haven't wasted that much money.

I love that too faced have included this cute little kabuki brush with the set it's just so cute . I feel like so much attention to detail has gone into their Christmas collection this year.

Last but not least is this merry kissmas too faced liquid lipstick set I wore chocolate honey yesterday oh my gosh it's so nice looks like a lovely natural nude.

The only colour that I do have from this set is the red and that is a matte red liquid lipstick called lady balls which is a stunning red for Christmas especially. I am really looking forward to trying the other 2 liquid lipsticks in this set.

A natural every day look I created using all the products from the too faced collection that I spoke about in this post.

I especially love that lipstick chocolate honey it looks so pretty and I would definitely like the full size version of this in my too faced lipstick collection.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas I can't believe a new year will be here in just a few days I wish you all a very happy new year and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who takes the time to read my blog it means so much to me when I see your comments on the blog that we have created together .

I created this blog when I was at a very low point in my life and it has helped me so much your support means so much I feel like words will just never be enough so thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing in 2017 with you all.

What did you think of the too faced Christmas collection did you buy or get bought anything from this collection if so what did you get ?