Tuesday 3 January 2017

New Look Mermaid Nail Polish - First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

I haven't done a nail polish first impressions post for quite awhile but I am so impressed with New Looks nail polish range and had to share it with you all.

New look have recently revamped their products and added a lot of products to their line they now do skincare, make up brushes, make up , and of course nail polishes. I have bought quite a few nail polishes from new look since I saw these in my local New Look.

 From all the Nail Polishes that I have tried from the New Look Collection this Mermaid Shade which just looks stunning on the nails .

These photographs are not giving this nail polish the justice that they deserve. From the nail polishes that I have tried from this collection this shade is definitely my favourite  so far .

I love nail polish and I don't have anything like this in my collection so I am glad that I picked this one up.

                                                  Just look at this colour it's amazing isn't it ?

It's no surprise that I love this colour I can definitely see why it's called Mermaid it's a beautiful Metallic Blue/Green colour.

My 6 year old Niece said to me today awe it's so beautiful when I told her it was called Mermaid she then said oh yeah it just looks like Ariel's Tail and then went to get the DVD of Little Mermaid to show me it was so cute she was so excited that a nail polish was called Mermaid and looked like it was the same colour as Ariel's tail and she wasn't the only one.

I definitely recommend this nail polish out of all the others in the collection new look do such a wide range of finishes from normal shiny nail polish to matte to gel finishes so there is plenty to choose from they also do textured finishes I picked up a couple of the textured finish nail polishes today which I will also be doing a review on when I have tried them out.

The gel nail polishes are £3.99 I think it's the same for matte and the normal and textured nail polish are £2.99 which I was surprised at I thought the textured nail polish would be £3.99 I think these nail polishes are great value for money.

The other nail polishes that I have been trying out from this collection lasted a long time I will be very happy if I get the same wear time from this lovely mermaid shade before it starts to chip.

The other nail polishes that I have been trying from the new look collection have lasted a week before they start to chip which is unheard of for me .

Normally I get 4 Days out of my nail polish and they start chipping unless it is a really good gel nail polish they last a lot longer on me because there a gel.

My mum even loves this mermaid nail polish and that is practically unheard of for us to like the same nail polishes.

I left my nail polish at her house because I stayed with her over the Christmas period and then I went to visit her today and she had painted her nails and they looked really good .

          I love my mum's nails more then my own,  my nails are so small compared to my mums.

So what do you think have you used any of the New Look beauty range if so what are your favourite products ?

Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading