Sunday 4 December 2016

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello Beauties,

I thought I would do a different kind of post today I had some Points to use that I accumulated on my Boots Card so I thought I would go in and see what I could Spend them on and this is what I got.

I had my eye on this Starbucks Candy Cane Mug for quite some time Boots sold these last year and when I went to buy one they Sold Out so I'm really glad that I managed to get one this year.

I'm really looking forward to Drinking out of this mug I think this makes a great gift and I'm thinking about buying one for my mum for christmas as well I think she will really like it .

I also got this beautiful planner by you tuber Zoella I try and support You Tubers when I can if I like their products.

I'd heard that Zoella had her own stationary line I didn't know she had brought out a planner though and this planner is gorgeous from the front cover to the inside of the planner. I like that it's got a magnetic closure too.

This is what the planner looks like inside I think Zoella has done a fantastic job with this planner on the right you can write your daily events down and the highlight of the week and your goals for the following week.

On the left of the organiser is five different kinds of sticky notes which I always like when an organiser put this in.

The top left you get some small sticky Notes which have an arrow, asap and exclamation mark. on the bottom left there is a small note to self Pad for all your ideas then on the right you get a bigger pad that says big plans which is really good .

I think even if I didn't have enough points to buy this I would still have bought this as it's great value for money and helps you get organised which I need.

I'm not surprised Zoella thought of the idea to bring out a planner with her being a blogger and a vlogger over the years she would have needed a good planner to get organised and on first impressions this looks like it's a really good one.

Thanks for reading as always