Wednesday 30 November 2016

My Make Up Story Tag

Hello Beauties,

I haven't done a Tag since last August on my Blog I saw this Make Up Story Tag and thought it would be a Fun Tag to do.

        In this photo is some of my Favourite Make Up Products.

1. How Old Where You When You First Started Wearing Make - Up?
I was a late bloomer when I first started wearing make up I was 16 and started to experiment with make up when I went out to the pub and to parties.

2. How Did You Get into Wearing Make Up?
When I started going out to Pubs and Parties I started to Experiment with different Make Up Looks.

3. What Are Some Of Your Favourite Brands?
Some of my Favourite Brands are Too Faced that's my Favourite Brand, I also like Urban Decay I am loving Becca Cosmetics especially the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Face Palette and the new Becca Blushed With Light Palette.
I also really like Nars Products

Some of my Favourites from the Drugstore are MUA (Make Up Academy) I Heart Make Up, Make Up Revolution, Freedom, Rimmel, Bourjois, l'oreal the list could go on and on.

4. What Does Make Up Mean To You?
Make Up means absolutely everything to me I love Experimenting with it I have started to get into Make Up a lot more when I started my You Tube Channel and my Beauty Blog.
I love that you start off with a Blank Canvas you are your own Artist you can create any look that you like whether that's a Smoky Eye , A Natural Every Day Make Up Look or A Bold Lip the Possibilities are Endless.

5. If You Could Only Wear 5 Make Up Products On Your Face What Would They Be?
My 5 Make Up Products would be my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation a Good Base is Vital. My Rose Spritz Blush, Champagne Pop Highlight for Cheeks. Eye Shadow would be from one of my many Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes My Too Faced Chocolate Bar is my Favourite and a nice Neutral Matte Lip at the moment I have been using Kylie Candy K a lot .

6. What Is your Favourite Thing About Make Up?
I like that as soon as you put Make Up on it can be a Confidence Builder and also you can Create any look you want

7. What Do You Think About Drug Store V High End Make Up
I love the Idea of Drugstore V High End Make Up especially when Drug Store Dupe High end products at the moment I have been getting quite a few Products from the I Heart Make Up Range and I have been loving it because they Dupe the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Sweet Peach and also they have Duped the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette that you can't even buy in the U.K so it's nice to have a Dupe for that and these Eye Shadows are so Creamy for the Price point.

Saying that though it is nice to have a few Luxury High End Products and since I created this Blog and my You Tube Channel I do have more Luxury High End Products then I had but most of my Make Up is from the Drugstore I would say 85% is Drugstore 15% is High end.

8. What Tip Of Advice Would You Give To A Beginner?
If I could tell my 16 Year old Self one thing it would be Andrea Honey get your Base Right choosing the right Foundation is super important.
It's so much easier now young girls have people in Department Stores to help them choose the right Shade for them I started getting into make up over 20 Years Ago and there was none of that back then you had to Figure it all out for yourself which I have to admit I was pretty useless at doing I always went Darker with my Foundation not realising that you have to choose the same Shade as your Skin tone so I always looked like I was Orange my Face would always be so much Darker then my Neck because the Foundation that I was using was so Dark. So Get your Foundation right and then buy a Matte Bronzer to Warm your Face Up to get that nice Golden Look.

9. Which Is One Make Up Trend That You Have Never Understood?
The one Make Up Trend that I have never understood is Baking I have tried this a few times and it just didn't work out for me I have tried it with different powders too so rather then Bake my Concealer and Face I just set it now with a Brightening Powder

10. What Do You Think Of The Beauty Community On You Tube?
From my experience of being a You Tuber in the Beauty Community I have nothing but good things to say about the Beauty Community.
I have had no bad experiences while I have been on you tube such as Hate and yes I only have a small channel I love the beauty community in both You Tube and Blogging even though there is more Interaction with my Blog Rather then on my You Tube Channel but that is totally understandable as I stopped Filming You Tube Videos for over a year and have only just recently started making videos again.

That's all the questions answered I really enjoyed doing this post for my blog as it's something different.
I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and why not do the tag yourself.
If you have done this make up story tag already or you are going to do it please leave a comment I would love to read it
As always thanks for reading