Friday 9 December 2016

Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Fair

Hello Beauties,

I recently picked up this Sculpt and Contour Kit from Revolution in the Shade Ultra Fair . I have to say I had Low Expectations when I picked this up I have a Sleek one very similar to this and I really don't like it that much.

Here is the Packaging it's not the nicest Packaging granted it was only £4 though and it's more about the Product inside then what is on the Outside.

This Bronzer I was Shocked by because I thought it would be far too Dark for my White Pasty Skin I'm like Snow White but with Red Hair the Fairest Of Them All for sure :).

Anyway back to the Bronzer this is Perfect for my Skin Tone even though the Contour Kit is for Ultra Fair Skin I had Concerns about it coming up too Dark on my Skin but it's the Perfect Bronzer and seems to be giving the Bronzer I have been using since the Summer serious competition.

I normally use Benefit Hoola which has been my go to since april/may since I bought this last month this has been my definite go to Cheek Palette as everything is there and you don't have to grab  Different Products. This Bronzer is not only Perfect for Ultra Fair Skin it Blends Out like a Dream I have used cheaper Face Products in the past and they just look Patchy this doesn't happen with any of these Products in this Palette I love them all.

Onto the Highlight oh my gosh this is a Highly Pigmented Highlighter better then some of the more expensive highlights that I own I really love this Highlight it's so Smooth I've been having problems with some of my Highlighters having chunks of Glitter in them and I hate that in a Highlight.

Last but certainly not least is this Gorgeous Blush it's a Coral Peach Blush with Gold Flecks in it, it really does remind me of Nars Orgasm Blush and it looks beautiful on the Skin.

Here are some Swatches of the Products there not Perfect I just wanted to give you an idea of how nice the Products are for the Price Point . I love all the Products in this Palette but the Highlight and Blush come in on a Joint First and then the Bronzer is not far behind in Second Place.

If you are looking for a Contour Palette this is definitely a good one to try and one that I recommend especially if you are Fair like me and struggle to find the right Bronzer for your skin type this is definitely one of the better budget contour palettes I have tried.

In this Ultra Sculpt and Contour Palette you get 11g of Product so it should last you quite awhile it's really handy for travelling with even though you don't get a really big mirror there is a small one so you can apply on the go.

At the moment all I have to say are Positive things about this Palette the only thing that might bother some people is the small mirror because it's really small but you do have to compromise on the packaging to get good products sometimes. 

 If you want  nice packaging as well normally that comes with buying higher end products which isn't always possible when you are on a budget I don't think not having a big mirror in the palette  will be a problem for most people.

At the moment though that is the only negative that I see effecting whether people want to purchase for me personally it wasn't enough to put me off. I bought this palette 1. so I could review it for you all on my blog and 2. for the highlight and blush as they looked so nice so it's a bonus that the bronzer is a good match for my Skin money well spent.

What I like about Revolution is it's sold at Superdrug and they constantly do Offers like 3 for the price of 2 so I do try most things from this Brand and it is fast becoming one of my Favourite Drugstore Brands.

In my opinion revolution has done an excellent job with this Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit and is fast becoming a Favourite of mine definitely money well spent so what do you guys think have you picked up this palette yet?