Saturday 17 December 2016

Black Friday Haul Kylie Cosmetics

Hello Beauties,

So my Kylie Cosmetics package finally arrived today after waiting 6 long weeks seemed to take forever to get to me and even though I was excited that I had the package I also felt a little deflated when I saw the customs fee charge.

I have bought from Kylie Cosmetics before and had to pay a customs fee but this was the most expensive one yet.

It is worth it as I picked up some things in the Black Friday Sale that I had wanted to try for quite awhile so I'm glad I saw the sale and I also got free international shipping the customs charge is just very off putting it's just so expensive.

I think this card is just the cutest it winks at you and then on the back there is a really lovely message on the back as well.

This is what is written on the back of the card even though everyone got one of these with the palette I think it's a great personal touch.

The two lip kits I got is Ginger and Pumpkin I have wanted Ginger since it was first released so when I found out Kylie Cosmetics had put it in the sale I just had to have it and I heard pumpkin was really nice as well so I decided to get that as well.

I wanted to just get pumpkin in a single liquid lip stick but it wasn't on the website so I decided to get the lip kit instead.

Both of these lip kits are STUNNING honestly love them both when I saw Pumpkin  I thought it was similar to Ginger but Pumpkin is a little bit lighter even though they are in the same colour family so they are a little similar.

I also got Exposed Single Liquid Lipstick I thought it would have been darker to be honest I think this is the lightest liquid lipstick I have in my collection I think it's a really pretty every day nude natural colour .

Last but certainly not least the last lipstick that I picked up is True Brown K which I have to admit I am not 100% on it's very dark which I knew when I bought it I just didn't realise how dark it was so I'm not sure whether I will keep this lipstick .

I will be doing swatches on all of these lipsticks in a upcoming post so keep an eye out for that.

Seriously how cute is this packaging I love Kylie Cosmetics Packaging I can't wait to try the Kyshadow Palette I have heard so many good things about this burgundy palette a lot of people are telling me how pigmented these shadows are. The star of the show is definitely this Kyshadow Palette.

I love the packaging of the front of this palette so beautiful I'm so the type of person who likes things that are nicely packaged that is why I have so much of the Too Faced Make Up Collection besides this kylie collecton Too Faced are one of my favourite brands if not my favourite brand .

Seriously how gorgeous are these shadows there right up my alley all the shadows in this palette I am definitely liking more cranberry shadows lately it's going to be a great palette for autumn and winter so I can't wait to try this out.

I will be doing a look with this palette once I am better I am full of flu at the moment I feel just awful hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought from the Kylie Cosmetics Black Friday Sale.

Did you do any shopping on the website over Black Friday they had some amazing deals.

I know a lot of people that bought from the website were really unhappy with the service as there products took so long to get to them which I completely understand. I'm just happy that I got my package before Christmas and wasn't in the sorting office till after Christmas because it may have got lost and I would have hated that.

I didn't have any problems with getting notification emails from Kylie cosmetics which I know some of you did which I totally get why you would be frustrated as you buy the products you want to know they have received payment and when you can expect delivery of your parcel.

I feel like people would have understood that maybe it would have taken a little bit longer to get to them with it being the Black Friday Sale and also the holiday season the problem was a lot of people had bought products from the kylie cosmetics website and wasn't getting any confirmation of the orders .

I fortunately did not have that issue. Kylie cosmetics customer service they kept me up to date when I placed the order they told me that my order would be reaching me late so even though it was frustrating to wait I understood and appreciated them keeping me informed and they told me when it was shipped so I really can't fault kylie cosmetics customer service.