Friday 25 November 2016

Story Time - Bad Customer Service at Space NK

Hello Lovelies,

This post is different to any post that I have ever spoke about on my Blog before but I feel like I need to talk about this as it is something that has happened to me quite recently when I went Shopping In Manchester.

I needed a couple of things and while I was in Manchester I thought I would go to Space NK I normally go to Selfridges but thought I would try Space NK this time not a good decision on my part.

I had wanted to try this Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for ages and wanted to get matched properly by someone that worked in the Space NK Store.

I had an Idea of what Shade I needed I just wanted an Experienced member of Staff at Space NK  to say yes or no to the Shade I thought I was.

I asked the woman nearest to the Nars Foundation Stand to come and help me but she completely ignored me and carried on talking to her friend even though I had asked for her assistance.  when I had finally got her attention and asked for her help she was really agitatated that I should dare ask for her help. I asked her what Shade I would be in this Particular Foundation I only asked her because I had never used this Foundation before and she was at least 4 or 5 feet away she never came any closer to assess my skin colour and skin type and  told me that she thought that I would match to the Shade FIJI which I could see was to Pink for my Skin.

Normally when I get matched to a Foundation that is as Expensive as this one is.
  The assistants of the store normally put the Foundation on my Skin to see if I like it they did not do this in Space NK when  I needed the Help they just ignored me so I had to Choose my own Foundation which I chose Mont Blanc luckily I had an idea of the Shade but many People don't and they genuinely need the Help of the assistants after all this is their Job to help Customers.

I was very unhappy with the Customer Service that I received in this Store that I wrote an email to the Head Office of Space NK which is not like me at all I have never written a email of complaint to a company but I wasn't happy with the way I was treated.

I found the email address to the head office and  thought they should be aware of how this particular Space NK Store are treating their Customers and to be honest I feel like they haven't really treated the Complaint that I made Seriously I feel like they sweeped it under the rug even though they said they will be passing it onto the manager in that particular store and they will investigate the matter completely .

Space NK also offered me a Make - Over in a Store of my choice I live 35 miles away from the Nearest Space NK which is the one in Manchester which I told the person that emailed me and the Terrible Customer Service that I received there has put me off going back there again.

I went there as a Treat as I was starting a New Job and wanted the Perfect Match in Foundation and got no Help at all so why would I go all the way to Manchester for a Make Over that I can get in my Home Town in Debenhams or Boots that I know has great Customer Service and also in these Make Overs they encourage you to buy Products from their Store I will not be buying from Space NK again the Customer Service is much better at Selfridges.

I don't like having to make such a Negative Review on my Blog not about a Brand but about an actual Store such a shame that my first visit to this store has been ruined by such Bad Customer Service.

What about you guys have you ever received bad customer service like this ?  Has this  put you off going back to the store?.

Here is the video from you tube in case you all want to watch it I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to add it to this post and decided to in the end.