Saturday 26 November 2016

I heart Make-Up Naked Palette - Dupe for Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette

Hello Lovelies,

In todays post I would like to talk about this beautiful I Heart Make-Up Naked Palette which on first inspection looks like it might be a Dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes it is in fact a Dupe for the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette.

I don't have the Lorac Pro Unzipped but I have been onto Google and seen what the Palette looks like and can see why people are saying that this I Heart Make-Up Naked Palette is a Dupe for the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette.

Here is the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette

It's a shame that you can't get this Palette in the U.K it's such a Beautiful Palette with the Nicest Neutral Eye Shadows not that I need anymore Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes seems like that is all I have in my Collection.

I was excited when I heard that I Heart Make Up had brought out a Dupe for the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette just because it's so difficult to get hold of in the U.K

Here are the swatches from the Lorac Pro Unzipped Palette....

I love the Packaging of this Palette it looks like a White Melted Chocolate Bar it's hard Plastic so it's Ideal for Travel and you could easily get by with just this one Palette if you were to go away for a week you could Create lots of Different Neutral Looks.

This Eye Shadow Palette is Beautiful as you can see from the photo there are some Shadows in this I Heart Palette that are very similar to the Shadows that are in the Lorac Unzipped Palette.

The only difference really between the 2 Palettes is that Lorac is a High End Palette and costs £34 while this I Heart Make Up comes in at a mere £6.99 which is a big difference in Price.

I can't talk about how they Compare to each other as I don't have the Lorac Unzipped Palette but I can see from some of the Swatches Online that some of the Shadows are really Similar.

Here are the swatches from the I Heart Make Up Naked Palette....

Smoothly - Is a really nice Cream/Ivory Shadow which is good to use as a Base Eye Shadow once you have used a Eye Primer.

Divine - Is a Gorgeous Bronze Shadow I think this will look really pretty on the Eye Lid.

Mocha Lover - is a Deeper Bronze it looks Gorgeous when you add some Fix Plus to your Brush you get a Gorgeous Metallic Look.

Dipped - Is a Milk Chocolate Shadow looks really pretty when you look at it in the Pan it actually looks like a Matte Eye Shadow but it's actually a Shimmer.

Choc-fest - Is a Stunning Matte Dark Brown which would look great in the Outer V or on the Lash Line.

Adorable - Is a really nice Highlight I use it in the Inner Corner of my eyes as a Highlight and on the Brow Bone as well.

Buttons - in the Swatch it looks like it is Matte but it's actually a Shimmer Eye Shadow another Eye Shadow that would be good for the Lash Line and Outer V.

Frosted Choc - is another Gorgeous Bronze Eye Shadow I can't wait to try this Eye Shadow on my Eye Lid.

Delight - Is a Dark Brown Shimmer I think this Shadow will look really nice on the Eye Lid if you want to Create a Smoky Eye Shadow Look it's not really a Eye Shadow for during the day but one for the Evening.

Sweet Shop - Is a Gorgeous Milk Chocolate Matte Eye Shadow and really reminds me of the Eye Shadow that is in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar which is in fact called Milk Chocolate. Sweet Shop is the Perfect Crease/Transition Shade.

Sugar - Is a Dark Matte Brown Eye Shadow which again is a good Shadow to deepen the Outer V and great for the Lash Line.

Double Dip - Is a Gorgeous Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow I can't wait to try this on my Eye Lids I think it would look Gorgeous when I add a little Fix Plus to my Brush.

Tob-le-rone - Is another really nice Matte Chocolate Brown Eye Shadow it has Grey Undertones this is the Lightest Matte Eye Shadow in the Palette.

Wonka - Love the Name of this Shadow it makes me think of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
This is the Deepest Chocolate Brown In the Palette another great shadow that would be good for the Lash Line I think it would also make a good Shadow for the Lid to give a really nice smoky eye.

Milky - Is another gorgeous Light Brown Shadow which is good to use as Crease/Transition Shadow .

Way - Last but certainly not least is the Highlight in the Palette it's a Golden Highlight I am not sure how I feel about this it's really Golden and there are Chunky Glitters in this Highlight which I don't like.

I have only used this Palette once and that was today but First Impressions are very good I really enjoyed using the Shadows that I used like I said the only Shadow that I'm not convinced off at the minute is the Shadow Way.  I'm planning on using this Eye Shadow Palette for the next 2 weeks and giving more of an Indepth Review on it then this is just my First Impressions on the Palette so far.

If you like Neutral Eye Shadows I think you will love this Eye Shadow Palette the Shimmer Eye Shadow are very Creamy and so are the Mattes the darker Brown Eye Shadows can be quite Chalky but they do Blend out really well. This is no Surprise to me as most of Dark Eye Shadows whether that is High End or Low End Eye Shadows they can Swatch Patchy.

The only Negative that I could think of about this Eye Shadow Palette is that a lot of the Eye Shadows look Similar if you don't mind that which I don't I think it's a great Palette for the Price Point.

Have you got the I Heart Make Up Naked Palette If So What Are Your Thoughts On It Would Love To Know.