Monday 21 November 2016

Is it a Dupe MAC Dusky Rose Times Nine V W7 The Naughty Nine Arabian Nights

Hello Beauties,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I started my new job and I have been working crazy shifts so this is the first opportunity I have had.

In today's post I would like to talk about a recent purchase MAC Dusky Rose Times Nine this retails at £25. 

I have tried this Palette now for a couple of weeks and to be honest considering they are MAC Eye Shadows I expected much more Pigmentation from these Shadows I was really disappointed with the Colour Pay Off  and the Quality :(

You can see here how Patchy these MAC Eye Shadows are the only Eye Shadows that are Half Way Decent are the Shimmer Shadows Quiet Time, Sable and In My Element.

I only really like Quiet Time and Sable, In My Element is just far too Glittery for my liking.

The worst of the Matte Eye Shadows is definitely Dance In The Dark which surprised me as it's a Dark Brown Eye Shadow and there normally pretty Pigmented.

In fairness though all of the Eye Shadows are very Disappointing the Shimmers I have to use my Fix Plus to get more Pigmentation with the eye shadows and even then the Pigment isn't great.

I haven't tried many Products by MAC just a few lipsticks I also got one of those Starter Box Sets where you can try a few of the different Products I will be doing a upcoming Review on that soon.

I don't think I would get another one of these MAC Eye Shadow Palettes again I would prefer to get some MUG Eye Shadows instead they are Cheaper then the MAC ones and the Quality is just so much better.

I was looking on Amazon and came across the W7 The Naughty Nine in Arabian Nights

You can see that W7 have tried to Dupe the MAC Times Nine Palette it's not the same in Colour of the Eye Shadows I wanted to buy this to see which is better quality eye shadow.

I actually prefer the Eye Shadows in the W7 The Naughty Nine - Arabian Nights the Matte Eye Shadows are much Smoother then the ones in the MAC Dusky Rose Palette In Comparison the ones from the MAC Palette seem rough also there more Pigmentated in the W7 Palette so not only is it a Dupe in my opinion the W7 Palette is much better and great value at a Fraction of the Price this Palette was just £3.99.

I would definitely recommend you try the W7 The Naughty Nine Palettes if you have been thinking about trying the MAC Times Nine Palettes.

Some swatches from the W7 The Naughty Nine - Arabian Nights Palette

The first few shades in this Palette are very Light in Colour so they didn't Swatch well on my Pasty Arms :(

The other Swatches though you can see they are much more Pigmented then the MAC Dusky Rose Palette.

Have you tried any of the times nine palettes if so what is your favourite? what are your thoughts on them?