Tuesday 25 October 2016

Zoeva Rose Brush Collection Review

Hello Beauties,

In todays post I would like to talk about the Zoeva Rose  Gold Brush Collection I have had this Brush Set now for a few months .

I wanted to use the Brushes well before I gave a Review on them so I could give my Honest Opinion on what I think of the Brush Set and if I thought it was worth the money.

As you can see from the Photo they have had a lot of use :)

Before I talk about the Make Up Brushes themselves lets take a moment to talk about the lovely Brown Faux Leather Bag the Brushes cane in with the beautiful Rose Gold Zoeva writing on the front of it.

This is a good Bag for putting Make - Up in I use it for the Make-Up Brushes as I don't want to get them mixed up with my other Make-Up Brush Collection.

Lets Talk About the Make Up Brushes Themselves....

I'll start with the Face Brushes first then move onto the Eye Shadow Brushes.

I'm going to do the Review in Numerical Order of the Make Up Brushes.

Firstly we have 103/Defined Buffer Brush - This Brush is Amazing when I first got this Brush Set I was using it for My Foundation to Buff it in my Face it gives such a Flawless Appearance it's also good for Cream Blush to Stipple onto the Cheeks so I mainly use it for that now as I prefer to apply my Foundation with a Damp Beauty Blender.

Next is 106/Powder Brush - Another really great Brush for Powder Products I use this Make-Up Brush to set my Foundation with Translucent Powder and it works really well for me.

Next is 109/Face Paint Brush - This Brush really reminds me of the Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush but a Mini Version it's really good for Contouring the Cheek Bones as it fits nicely in your Cheek Bones

Next is 112/Face Curve Brush - This is another great brush for Contouring works especially well with Cream Products I have found.

Next is 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush - Another Holy Grail Make - Up Brush for me it's a Angled Cheek Brush and a real Multi task Make-Up Brush as you can use it for Bronzing the Face , adding Blush to the Cheeks and also Highlighter too so this is definitely my Favourite Face Brush out of the Collection.

Last but by no means least is the 129/Fan Brush - This brush is a really Slim Fan Brush which I like as it picks just enough Product Up and you have a lot of Control over how much Highlight you want to use

Next are the eye brushes......

First is the 226/Smudger Brush - This is one of those Make - Up Brushes in the Set that I don't use it for what it's intended for it's use is to use when you want to apply eye shadow to the lash line to give you a smoky look . I tend to use it as an Eye Shadow Brush when I want to pack the Shadow on my Eye Lid . I apply a bit of Fix Plus to Dampen the Brush and then dip the Brush into Eye Shadow and that makes it more Pigmented.

Next is 227/Luxe Soft Definer Brush - This is a Blending Brush and it is a Holy Grail for me one of my Favourites from the whole set it's really Soft and Blends your Eyeshadow out like a Dream.

Next is 228/Luxe Crease Brush - If It was a choice between the Luxe Soft Definer and the Luxe Crease Brush I would choose this Eye Shadow Brush every single time . Out of the Set this is my Favourite Brush it just fits in the Crease really nice and like the Luxe Soft Definer Brush it blends your Eye Shadows out so well. I'm glad they put both of these Eyeshadow Brushes in the Set.

Next is 230/Luxe Pencil Brush - I love this Pencil Brush for putting Eye Shadow in the Lash Line and Smudging the Eye Shadow out to give that really nice Smoky Eye Effect.

Next is 317/Wing Liner Brush - I have never used this Brush it's the only one in the Set that I have never used and that's because every time I have tried to do a Wing it gets lost as I have Hooded Eye Lids so I have just given up now. I use my Gel Eye liner to tight line and that opens my eyes up and add eye liner to my water line and that's enough for me.

Last but not least is the 322/Brow Line Brush - This Brush I have used a few times and it's quite a good Brush I have been using Gel Products for my Brows lately though so I've not been using it.

I think this Zoeva brush set collection is great value for money especially if you are just starting out and don't have any make up brushes it has every brush you could possibly need.

The Make-Up Brushes are great quality so soft and feel very luxurious especially this rose gold design you can get different sets and they are sold on beauty bay.

I would definitely recommend these brushes if you have been thinking about purchasing them or put them on your Christmas wish list with it just being a few weeks away you never know if you have been good you might wake up to them on Christmas morning.

On a serious note how fast has this year gone I can't believe Halloween is nearly here.

What's everyone's plans for Halloween ??

Thanks for reading as always and I look forward to any comments you want to leave me .