Tuesday 18 October 2016

Make Up Obsession Live Love London Personalised Build Your Own Palette- First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

In today's post I briefly wanted to talk about this Gorgeous Personalised White Palette by Make Up Obsession Live Love London I went into Boots today to pick up some of the NYX Lipstick Lingerie I had Ordered in the Shades Beauty Mark and Teddy that I will be doing a Forthcoming Post on.

I really like the Custom Palettes that you can Buy so I went to have a look at the Shadows and you can Buy Eye Shadows as well as Blushers and Highlighters.

In this Palette I have chosen all Eye Shadows.....

When I went to the Boots Counter a lovely Woman called Dana said that she could Engrave the Palette if I wanted it's an Extra £3 to do that I thought it would look nice Personalised. Dana said that as the Palette was White with Silver Writing  it would look nice with Silver Writing so I decided to have that done so it would all be matching. .

I really like how the Palette turned out . I think these Palettes make great Christmas Presents the most Expensive part is the Palette itself.

 I think this size is £6 and then the Eye Shadows are £2 each which is so good and the Blushers and Highlights are £3 each.

These Palettes come in 2 Sizes the 6 Insert one and you can also buy a really Beautiful Rose Gold Insert.

One which I was really Tempted to Buy I wanted to trial the Eye Shadows so I decided to get the Smaller Palette just to see what I thought before I Invested too much Money in the Brand .

I have tried some of the Make - Up from this Brand and I liked it so I am hoping that I will like these Eye Shadows as well

Here are the Shadows that I decided to Buy 3 Matte Shadows and 3 Shimmers they just Pop out of the Plastic Casing and you then pop the insert into the Palette it just Clicks into the Palette.

Here are the Shadows I decided to Choose as if I don't have enough Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes this one feels more Special then the Others because it has my Blog Name on it.

All the Swatches from the Eye Shadows that I decided to get.

Daze - Daze is a light brown a great eye shadow for the Crease as a Transition Shadow.

Cinammon - Cinammon is a Gorgeous Brick Brown Eye Shadow to Deepen out the Crease to give more Depth.

Burnt - Burnt is a lovely burnt orange shadow I'm really loving these Burnt Orange Shadows ever since I used Citrine from the Kylie Kyshadow Palette I never saw me wearing Orange Shadows they really make Blue and Green Eyes Pop.

Were now getting onto the Shimmer Eye Shadows

Lucky Charm - Lucky Charm is a gorgeous purple pink shimmer eyeshadow I actually think you could Highlight with this Shadow so it's a multi task product.

Scene - Scene is a Gorgeous Pink Shimmer Shadow another one of those Eye Shadows that can be used as a Highlight this Shadow goes really well with the rest of the Matte Eyeshadows in the Palette.

New York - New York Is a Stunning Purple Metallic Eye Shadow I am trying to be more Adventurous with my Eye Shadow and I Swatched this one and really liked the Finish of it. I thought this Shadow would look good on the Lash Line.

I love the Imprint of the Stars on the Shadows reminds me a little bit of the Jefree Star Palette I also really like that you get a Great Big Mirror in this Palette so it's Perfect for on the go.

I can't Thank Dana enough for her Great Customer Service in Boots she was so Friendly and helped me so much