Thursday 27 October 2016

Benefit Sizzlin Six Review

Hello Beauties

In today's post I would like to talk to you about my thoughts on this Benefit Sizzlin Six that I got back in may.

I have had plenty of time to Review the Products and some of them I have used up so I feel like I can do a Review on this set now.

If you haven't tried any of the Benefit Products this really is a great way to try some of their most loved Products.

 I purchased this set from QVC but I have also seen this set in Debenhams so if you live in  the U.K you can buy it from there it costs £19.50.

Lets Talk About the Products......

Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer - I love this Product and it lasts Forever a little goes a long way it's only a 2.5ML Tube and I have been using it since I got it in May. I would definitely buy the Full Size Version of this Eye Shadow Primer.

I have used other Eye Shadow Primers and they don't work for me my Eye Make-Up Creases this one however is Perfect. My Eye Shadow stays put all day long when I use this.

Next is the Hoola Bronzer and Benefit have added quite a Deluxe Size it's 3.0 Grams in a Normal Size Hoola Bronzer you get 8 Grams so it's just a little bit less than half of the Product and it just seems to be lasting Forever.

I feel like I haven't even scratched the Surface and like with all the Products I have been using this Bronzer constantly since May. There is a little Dent I feel like I will get so much more Usage out of it though till it's used up.

Next is Posie Tint you get 4.0ML which is quite a Deluxe Size I really like Posie Tint it gives you a nice natural colour to the cheeks .

Next is High Beam -  one of Benefit's Most Popular Sellers so I'm glad they included it in this set I have been adding it to my Foundation and it gives me a nice Dewy Glow almost like i'm Lit Within:). With High Beam you also get 4.0ML 

Next Is That Gal Brightening Face Primer this is a generous size you get 7.5ML and it lasted me ages I only ran out of this last month and I had been using it on a Daily Basis.
I like that it's a Brightening Primer and it has Light Reflecting Pigments once your Foundation is on it gives you that Flawless Dewy Look and full size you only get 11ML so your only getting 3.5ML extra I think it's really good that they added this in this set it makes it great Value for money.
This Primer though is definitely a Holy Grail for me I'm using a couple of different Face Primers at the moment but once there all used up I will definitely think about Purchasing the Full Size Version. 

Last but certainly not least is the There Real Mascara you get 3.0 grams of Product in the Full Size Version you get 8.5 Grams so it's a lot less but even so it's a Deluxe Mini. 
I really do like this Mascara it's a Lengthening Mascara the only thing that really puts me off using it is the fact that it's so Hard to get off at the end of the night.
Benefit have realised this and brought out their own  There Real Make Up Remover it's Expensive £14.50 I don't think you should have to Purchase Benefit's Make Up Remover to take off the Mascara if anyone knows of a good Make Up Remover that Removes this Mascara without taking Half my Lashes with it please leave me a comment down below :)

So that's my review for Benefit Sizzlin Six I think this is a great little set this was out in the summer I have seen it in debenhams and I have also checked Benefit's website and it's still available on there to buy. If you want to give some of their products a try I would definitely recommend you try this set first to see if you like them. 

With Christmas around the corner I also think this would make a perfect stocking filler if you have a loved one that likes Benefit Products.

Here is the link for Benefit's Website Benefit Cosmetics 

Thanks for reading as always would love to hear your thoughts if you have any of these products or have tried them in the past.