Tuesday 11 October 2016

September Favourites

Hello Lovelies,

I know I am a bit late in the Beauty Game but in today's post I would like to talk about my September Favourites and there are so many to talk about :)

Ok Lets Get Started.....

I have had this Z Palette and MUG Shadows since June I think but I have been getting more use out of them in September.

 I recently did a post about the MUG Shadows that I have and these are them in this Z Palette the rest that were in the other post was Depotted from a Zoeva Palette because they were similar colours and I never reached for the Zoeva Palette so I thought by putting them together I would use them more and I was right if you want to see more on that I'll post the link below.

MUG Shadow First Impressions 

I love this Freedom Pro Black Arts Palette I hadn't used it and then came across it in my Collection In September and started to use it and I just love it.

 I'm such a Neutral Eye Shadow Girl and I love Gold & Bronze Shadows the Shimmer Shadows are Pigmented I like them very metallic so I put a little bit of Fix Plus on my Brush which makes them appear more Pigmented.

Another one of my Favourite Palettes that I have been using in September is this Kylie Cosmetics it's so pretty....

I love all these Shadows that are in the Palette it's so Travel Friendly too which is great for me so far I have used all the colours apart from Obsidian and find that they Blend very well. My only gripe is that I wish they had added 1 more shimmer shadow to the palette.

When I use the Shimmer Shadows as always I use my Fix Plus just to make the shadow more Metallic. When I first got this Palette I did try and use the Shimmer Shadows without Fix Plus and there wasn't enough Pigment for me . 

My Favourite Shadow in this Palette has to be Citrine the middle Orange Shadow it looks so beautiful I didn't think I would like it . I will be doing a more Indepth Review in another post.

I have had these Zoeva Make Up Brushes for awhile now I just love them especially the Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush, Pencil Brush and Fan Brush and of course the Brown Faux Leather Bag with the Rose Gold Zoeva Detailing on the Zip and Logo on the Front of the Bag. 

I will also be doing a In depth review on the Brushes and my thoughts on them.

I hadn't used this Revolution Highlight Palette in such a long time and used it a lot more in September as you can see the Middle Shadow is the most used I have used the one on the Left too because it's quite Pink Toned like the Middle but the one on the far Right is very Bronze Toned I don't think that is a colour that I can use but I am sure I can make use for it as maybe a Blush Topper or Eye Shadow as I love Bronze and Gold Shadows.

I have been using this Becca and Jaclyn Hill Face Palette Colloboration Face Palette a lot this month the Blush out of the Palette that I have been using is the Rose Spritz definitely my Favourite from the Palette and the Highlight I have been using is Champagne Pop which is more of a Pink Toned Highlight the other one is more Golden I don't know if it will suit me as much as I am so Fair. 

I wear Mary Lou-Manizer though which is quite golden and that suits my Skin I measured them against one another and they look a little Similar so I think I will at least give it a try. 

I have tried both of these Highlights together and that looks quite Pretty the other 2 Blushers Amaretto the Bronze Toned Blush and Amaretto which is the deeper Pink Amaretto is beautiful I just love the Rose Spritz so much and I am always drawn to that Blush first . 

The Bronze Toned Shade Amaretto is nice I don't think it will suit me as a Blush it may suit me as a Bronzer I need to see if this works for me.

Time for some more Kylie Cosmetics I love this Kylie Lip Kit in the Shade Candy K love this Shade so much I Will be doing a Review on all the Lipsticks that I have, I have in total.

The next Kylie Lip Kit that I have been loving in September is Posie K this is not a part of a Lip Kit so I decided to use the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob it's the perfect Combination. 

Next is the Hoola Bronzer for a long time I avoided trying this Bronzer I thought it was too Dark for my Complexion it's a Deluxe Sample Size and it has lasted me such a long time 3-4 Months of Continuous Use Everyday there is quite a Big Dint in it already it will last me a bit Longer yet.

Hoola Bronzer is such a nice Bronzer it blends out really easy and suits my skintone really well I feel like it's a Universal Bronzer and suits skin tones that are fair to medium 

I have been loving these 2 Products I have been using this Miss Sporty Instaglow Primer for a few weeks now It's a Peach Colour which helps give you a Radiant Complexion makes your skin feel silky smooth too.

I have also been using this Trial Size M.A.C Prep & Prime Fix Plus I haven't been using this as a Primer I have been using it more with my Eye Shadows to make them more Metallic and Pigmented. 

I didn't like the look of this Highlight for the longest time it jsut looked like it might be to Golden for my Complexion and now I really love it I have been using it a lot in September this is why I think it might be worth trying Prosecco Pop from the Jaclyn Hill Face Palette.

Last but certainly not least I have been using the Revlon Colorstay Powder to Set my Face and Concealer and it was ok setting my Face when it came to setting my Concealer though my Under Eye Concealer looked Crepey this does it a little bit but not as much as the Revlon Colorstay. 

Does anyone have anymore drug store recommendations apart from Rimmel Stay Matte Powder I have tried that.