Wednesday 12 October 2016

Make Up Revolution Radiance Pallete First Impressions

Hello Beauties

In todays post I thought I would talk about Make Up Revolutions Radiance Highlighter Palette.

This Highlighter Palette seriously is a thing of Beauty I love all the Highlighters in this Palette.
I have had this Palette for such a long time and haven't used it in ages then a few weeks ago I came across it again and thought I would start using it again as I remembered really liking these Highlighters when I first got the Palette.

On the Left of the Palette is a nice Pink Toned Highlight which is nice but the middle Highlight has been my Go To Highlight as you will be able to see it has the Biggest Dent in it :)

The one that I have named Pink is very Smooth and Applies really well from what I remember I have only used this a handful of times it's also good to Mix with the Middle Shade that I named Pearl Pink which is the lightest shade in the Palette and definitely my favourite when I use this Highlighter Palette this is the Highlighter that I Gravitate towards the Middle Shade is even Smoother because there are not really a lot of Grooves on it anymore like there are on the other 2 Highlights which makes it easier to Apply.

Last but not least is the one that I named Bronze Pink which is exactly that I haven't used this Highlight only Swatched it I really do like this Highlight but I am too Fair for it I know it won't suit my Skintone so I have Avoided using it but I don't want it to go to Waste so i'm thinking of using it as a Blush Topper .

The Bronze Pink Highlight doesn't seem as Smooth as the other Highlights but that is probably because I haven't been using it I'm going to be using this Palette more in October and hopefully give you my Overall Thoughts on it this is really a First Impressions I really do like this Revolution Highlighter Radiance Palette and if your looking for a good Budget Highlighter Palette this is definitely one of the Better ones I have come across.

I know that Make Up Revolution brought a Second Highlighter Palette out called Beyond Radiance I have read some Bad Reviews on that Highlighter Palette I would personally like to try it for myself and also to Compare it against the Radiance Palette and see which I like the best

The thing that you have to Bare in Mind if you are going to be Buying this Palette is at first the Highlighters can appear Chunky as you have to really get into the Grooves of the Highlighters you can't just Tap your Brush into the Highlighter you really need to get a Stiff Brush and Buff the Highlighter into the Area's that you want to Highlight that can be a bit of a Pain the end Result is worth it though.

I think this Highlighter Palette is worth the money and if you don't have many Highlighters it's good to have this as part of your Make Up Collection as you get a Choice of which Highlighter you want to Wear which is always Nice.

So what are your thoughts on this Palette Do you have the Beyond Radiance Palette what are your thoughts on that I would love to know as I have read so many reviews that are very mixed about the palette as always thanks for reading lovelies and I appreciate all your comments :)