Monday 3 October 2016

My Updated Perfume Collection

Hello Beauties,

I recently filmed my Updated Perfume Collection since my last video which was about a year and a half ago I thought it was time I did a Updated Version.

 I have added some new Perfumes to my collection and also my family have also bought me some new perfume as well for Birthdays and Christmas  so I thought I would share my Current Perfume Collection on my blog as well.

One thing all my Perfumes have in common is the scent is very Sweet I don't like a strong smelling Perfume.
Karl Lagefeld is one of my newer purchases I got it at the beginning of the year when Superdrug was doing a Sale on some of their Perfumes I got one for me and one for my mum this is an Amazing Scent love the bottle too :)

Million Dollar Lady - I had been after buying this Perfume for ages but it's so expensive and for some bizarre reason it went down to £20 last Christmas I knew I would never get it for this price again so this was my Christmas Present to myself.

Does anyone else do that or is it just me leave a comment n the comments box if you do ?

At the moment this Scent and the Michael Kors Radiant Rose Gold (wow that's a mouthful and a half to say) they are my Most Worn Perfumes. I'll talk about the Michael Kors soon. Million Dollar Lady I just love it and it seems to last such a long time on me whenever I wear this Perfume I get so many Compliments  I am forever being asked what Perfume I am wearing.

Couture Couture - Is another Perfume that I got in the Sale last Christmas it was such a Bargain too because all my Perfumes wasn't on show like they are now I never really got around to using it this is such a pretty feminine Scent that I will definitely be wearing it more.

Bright Crystals - I bought this Perfume as my Wedding Perfume coming up for 6 years ago this week I can't bring myself to wear it as we are no longer together which might sound silly to some people there is about 1/4 left I'm sure I will get around to wearing it one day. I really do like the Scent it just reminds me of my wedding day.

Radiant Rose Gold - Like I said earlier in the Post I have been wearing this Constantly my sister and her family bought it for me. It's such a small Bottle it doesn't look like there is 30ML in there but credit where it's due it's lasted me all year and I have been wearing it more then any of my other Perfumes in my collection.  It is definitely my Most Used Perfume.

J'adore- I am the biggest Christian Dior Fan this Perfume used to be my go to Perfume for so many years it's so Expensive I try and save this for Special Occasions this was a Present a few years ago I remember when I had no other Perfume but this for Years and was constatntly wearing it.

Fuel For Life - this is the only Perfume in my collection that I have that I have  completely Outgrown the Scent is just really Strong  strange that because I didn't think the Scent was that Strong and Loved it for the longest Time.
I'm going to give this to my mum she likes strong Scents so she can make use of it.

Princess - I love this Perfume by Vera Wang the Scent is just so Sweet the bottle is very cute with the Crown on it. My Brother and his Family got me this for my Birthday last year and even though I haven't worn it that much when I do I love the Scent.

Paris Hilton - is another scent I have not worn for years I am coming to the end of the Bottle now but the Scent is very Sweet it reminds me of Katy Perry Meow which I am going to be talking about shortly I love both of these Scents.

Meow - Katy Perry's Meow comes in the most Adorable Bottle I love it I haven't even used this Bottle yet
I got a small 30ML Bottle and loved it that much I had to get this when I saw that it was on Offer

Flower - Kenzo Flower is definitely another Favourite of mine I can't believe I have only been using a couple of Perfumes all year when I have all these Perfumes that I could be using but I am the type of person that likes to use something up before moving onto the next thing.  slightly obsessive I know .

Kenzo Flower is also another Sweet Feminine Scent.

Here is My You Tube Video if you want to look at my Collection in more detail

What are your Favourite Perfumes would love to know