Sunday 2 October 2016

Make Up Geek and Z Palette Beauty Bay Order Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are all well currently I'm suffering with a pretty bad throat infection I have been wanting to do a Favourites video for the month of September I can barely speak so I thought I would write about one of the products that I have been loving for the past few months.

I bought my Make Up Geek Shadows and Z Palette to hold them in back in June so I feel like I have had plenty of time to give my First Impressions and Review the Products and also talk about Beauty Bay and my Customer Service Experience with them.

Beauty Bay really impressed me with the Care that they took to make sure my Make Up Geek Shadows and Palette arrived without being Damaged.

You can see from the Photo that they came in a nice big cardboard box my invoice came on top with the Shadows that I ordered which I will go in more detail about what colours I decided to get etc.

As you can see Beauty Bay really took Care when they packaged my Parcel up I have heard that some people have received cracked eye shadow pans I don't think that can be helped as they are Single Eye Shadow Pans that just stick to the Palette with a Magnet.

I was one of the lucky ones mine came and every eye shadow that was ordered came in Perfect Condition.

I was also very impressed with the Shipping I can remember ordering it at the weekend and I had received it by Tuesday and also if you live in the UK if you spend £15 or more it's Free Shipping which I think is really good. I hate paying for the Shipping so it's always a Bonus when Companies offer this.

Since I am writing this Post I thought I would check on the Shipping for International if they even do it and it appears that they do  Free Shipping Internationally as well which I just cannot believe that it's not often you get that.

The link for Beauty Bay-

So by now your probably asking yourselves which Eye Shadows I decided to get I decided to get 3 of the Duo Chrome Eyeshadows which I will talk you through first just because there is less of them.

First we have KARMA which is like a Yellow Gold but in certain lighting it also looks like there is a Green Undertone. 

Next is RITZY which is a green based Gold looks like a Khaki Colour but when the light shifts it has a Brown Undertone.

I have STEAMPUNK as well which is the most gorgeous chocolate brown or that is what you think you are getting when you put it on the Eye and the light hits it, it looks Purple so pretty out of all 3 of them STEAMPUNK has to be my Favourite of the Duo Chrome Shadows that I have.

What I like about the Duo Chrome Shadows is that when the light hits the eye shadow it turns into a different colour altogether they are very Multi Dimensional

I also have one Foiled Eyeshadow I only bought one as they are quite a bit more expensive then the others to buy.  all the rest of the shadows are the regular Make Up Geek Shadows. 

The Foiled Shadow that I have is Showtime I just love this colour it's so Pigmented and has a tiny bit of Glitter running through it this is the only Foiled Eye Shadow that I own from the Make Up Geek Collection if this is what to expect from the Foiled Shadow Collection I will definitely purchase more in the near future.
The shadow is a lovely Brown/Cranberry colour.

I have 8 of the regular Eye Shadows which I will talk about now the first colour is Peach Smoothie this is a great Transition Colour  and you can also use this shadow to blend out your Eye Shadow as well it's definitely becoming a Holy Grail Eye Shadow for me when I use this Palette.

Next is Crème Brulee another of my Favorite's I use this in the Crease all the time which is another Holy Grail for me when using this Palette.

Next is Frappe oh my gosh this is so Beautiful and yes you guessed it another Holy Grail I use this  after I have used Crème Brulee to deepen the Crease and take it to the Outer V.

Next is Cinderella and I will be honest with this one it's not my Favourite I think I have only used it once.

I just feel the Pigment is just not there with Fix Plus you would probably get this to work I haven't  tried it with Fix Plus. Truth be told I'm not that bothered that It isn't as Pigmented as the others that I got as I bought it because of the name. How can a Disney Fan not get an eye shadow that is named after a Disney Character :)

Next is Cosmopolitan I love this colour it's a really pretty Rose Gold colour it's so Creamy and is fast becoming a Holy Grail to me. I am really loving Rose Gold Eye Shadows at the moment this one is Stunning.

Next is Shimma Shimma this is just Beautiful another Holy Grail when I use this Palette I use Shimma Shimma  on the Brow Bone on the Inner Corner and as a Highlight on the Cheek Bones , tip of the nose and cupids bow. This shadow is a Dupe for Kitten by Stila at an affordable price. seriously I love this colour as a Highlight.

Last but not least Ice Queen is a true White I'm not completely sold on this Shadow either unlike Cinderella, Ice Queen is very smooth I have just not really used it when I have used this Palette I'll have to try this Colour and give more of a Review on that.

All Make Up Geek Shadows are Cruelty Free this is another thing that I love about the Brand

This has been quite a long post thanks for reading as always if you have any questions or even Recommendations on Make Up Geek Shadows that you like that I haven't named in my post.