Monday 17 October 2016

Becca and Jaclyn Hill Face Palette - First Impressions

Hello Beauties

In today's post I wanted to talk about the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Face Palette this Palette is Gorgeous I talked about this a little bit in my September Favourites.

I love the Packaging of this Palette so much it's so Beautiful Jaclyn Hill and Becca did a great job creating this Palette.

I love the White and Gold Packaging it's so Sleek the really good thing about this Palette other then the Product is the Huge Mirror perfect for doing your Make - Up

You can see what I  Use the most in this Palette this Month I want to use some more of the other Face Powders more but I am always drawn to Rose Spritz so Stunning and Champagne Pop it really is a Beautiful Highlight a really nice Pink/Peach Highlight not too Golden with me being so Fair I feel like this is the Perfect Highlight for me.

Rose Spritz - Rose Spritz is definitely my Favourite Blush from this Face Palette every time I use this Palette I am drawn to this Blush it's a Gorgeous Pink with Specks of Gold running through it.

This Blush really reminds me of Nars Orgasm,  Rose Spritz is a lot more Pigmented Nars Orgasm is very Subtle at the moment these are my go to Blushes.

Amaretto - Amaretto is a Bronze Blush it does have some Shimmer running through it I don't tend to use Brown Blushers so rather then use it as a Blush I am going to try and use this as a Bronzer I have Swatched it on my Skin and it doesn't look as Dark as it did in the Pan and I have heard some people talk about using this Blush as a Bronzer even though it has some shimmer in it, it doesn't really show up on the Skin so I think it will work well.

Pample Mousse - Pample Mousse is a Stunning Bright Pink I really like this Blush I just like Rose Spritz more

I will be using Pample Mousse in October and give more of a Review on Amaretto, Pample Mousse and Prosecco Pop in November as I genuinely don't feel like I can do that at the moment as I have hardly used them.

Champage Pop - Champagne Pop is definitely my Favourite of the Highlighters you can see that I have made a pretty huge Dent in it already like I am drawn to rose spritz blush I automatically reach for this Champagne Pop Highlight I feel like it Compliments my Skin tone more then the Golden Prosecco Pop does.

Prosecco Pop - Prosecco Pop is a Gorgeous Gold Highlight for me personally I think Champagne Pop suits me most just because I am very Fair saying that though I have Swatched this Highlight against my Mary Lou - Manizer Highlight and they are very Similar and I have been wearing that quite a lot lately so for the rest of October I will use this Highlight and give my Overall thoughts in a post next month.

The Blushers and Highlighters sit really well on your Skin there not Chunky like some Highlighters I have used in the past

I thought I would include this photo of the Swatches on my Pale Skin (gosh I hate being so fair) this is what the Powders look like on my Skin Tone. 

I think Amaretto would totally work on me as a  Bronzer it doesn't look too Orange or too muddy on my Skin I think it looks quite nice.

Champagne and Prosecco Pop in this Photo look like there not that much different that however is not the case Champagne Pop is more of a Pink/peach Highlight and Prosecco Pop is more Golden.

Overall my first impressions of this palette are very positive it's definitely my most reached for face palette at the moment.

What are your favourite highlights and blush products do you have this palette what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading as always I welcome any comments you would like to give I love talking to you beauties