Friday 30 September 2016

My Natural Curly Hair Routine

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would do a blog post on My Natural Curly Hair Routine I recently decided to go back to Basics with my Hair.

I've not worn my Hair like this in 9 years yes you read right 9 years...
I have been Straightening my hair that long and it's took some serious Damage because of it.

It's gotten to the point where I have done quite a bit of Damage to my Hair as I have been using Heat on it for so long so I thought I would have a rest for awhile and not only that it only takes 5 OR 10 Minutes for me to Style my Hair and it used to take me at least 40 Minutes to Straighten it.

I filmed a video for You tube regarding the Products that I use to Maintain my Natural Hair Care Routine so I thought I would do a Blog Post to go along with it.

So this is what I look like with Curly Hair and as far as Selfies go I actually think this one is pretty good.

It was originally taken in Colour I wanted it in Black and White I think Black and white photography is so much nicer.

The Hair Products that I use to Curl my Hair....

After I get out of the Shower I let my Hair Air Dry as the Hair Dryer just makes my Hair go Frizzy which is never a good look for me as my hair is so Thick

So when my Hair is more or less Dry I start by applying VO5 Mega Hold Styling Mousse which they say lasts for 24hrs.

The first time I used the Mousse I did notice that it did hold up extremely well it's also Weather resistant even though I have not tested that out yet.

I don't know how I have gotten away with it to be honest as it's been raining a lot in the UK the last couple of weeks.

Next I use the VO5 Give Me Texture Spray this Spray is more of a Heat Defence Spray I don't use it with Heat I just scrunch it in my Hair and it adds Texture and holds the Curls in place it's like Hairspray but not as Sticky.

The VO5 Mega Hold Mousse and VO5 Give Me Texture Spray is on Offer at the moment at Boots so if  you have Naturally Curly Hair like me and would like to try some Products these are 2 Products that I highly Recommend.

Both Products are currently on offer for £3.19 the Mousse lasted me about 3 weeks till I had to Re-Purchase another bottle and the Give me texture spray lasted me about 4 weeks before I had to re-purchase,

Last but not least I have been using Umberto Gianni Frizzi Miracle Worker With Argan Oil I really like using this on the ends of my hair without this my Hair looks like it's really Dry.
A little bit of this Product goes a very long way so you don't need much this Product will last a really long time.  it's a good job as it was slightly more expensive. I got this with my Boots Advantage Points I think it was £6.99 but I would definitely Re-purchase this Product again.

I think it's really worth the Money so I do Recommend this Product as well and it works really well with the VO5 Products that I got.

If you have any Recommendations for Hair Products for Natural Curly Hair I would love to hear about them. Please leave in the Comments down below