Saturday 29 October 2016

L'OREAL Blush Sculpt Soft Rosy - First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

I was in Boots yesterday and came across this Blush Sculpt Blusher in the Shade Soft Rosy it's a Trio Contouring Blush .

I wanted to do a First Impressions Review on the Blusher I haven't tried any of the L'OREAL Infallible Sculpt Line I know they do a Contour Kit and there is a Foundation  as well that I have been meaning to try.

If you have tried the Foundation I would love to know what your thoughts are on it.

I came across this Blush and Swatched it and just really loved it especially the Pink Shade it's really Smooth and looks like it is one of those kind of Blush's that give you that Amazing Luminous Glow. 

The Peach Shade is of the same Quality really Creamy and last but not least there is a Highlight Shade again very Creamy. 

 When I have Swatched the Blushes they are all very easy to  Blend on the Skin I can't wait to try them out on my Cheeks today.  

At first look I wondered how you was supposed to get to that Lovely Peach Blush with your Blusher Brush I don't have one small enough . until I realised that is there if you want to mix all the Blushes together to make one  Unique Blush it says on Boots Website that by mixing all the Colours of the different Blushes you can get an Ombre Blush look which sounds quite interesting so I might try this today. 

There are 2 Blushes in this Collection Nude Beige and Soft Rosy If I like this Soft Rosy Blush I may pick up the Nude Beige that's another Pink Toned Blush that looks really pretty. 

There is also a Bronzer called Soft Sand which really doesn't look like it's for me I didn't see it yesterday when I went into Boots on the Boots website though it looks very Shimmery and I tend to stay away from Shimmer Bronzers not only that it's very Golden it looks far too Dark for my Super Pale Skin. 

These Blushers are great Quality for the Price they are £7.99 at the moment there is an offer on at Boots all L'OREAL Products are on 3 For 2 so you get the Cheapest Free. 

I just tried looking for how much Product you get and it doesn't say on the Product which is very Annoying 
I even looked on the L'OREAL Website and it doesn't say there either. 
 You do get a lot of Product this is one of the Bigger Blushes in my Collection and would definitely last me a long time. 

Here is what the Boots Website had to say about this product.....

Our first 3-in-1 blusher, Infallible Sculpt Blush is the ultimate designer tool to create a flawlessly flushed base. Use alone for a simple statement, or use all 3 shades to create an ombre-effect blushed base.
Design your perfect colour flush with Infallible Sculpt Blush.

Thanks For Reading as always. 

Have you tried these Blush Sculpt Products Or any of the L'OREAL Sculpt Line I would love to hear your thoughts .