Tuesday 27 September 2016

Worst Liquid Lipstick Ever!!!

Hello Beauties,

In today's post I wanted to talk to you all about this lipstick that I received in my Look Incredible box it's honestly the worst Liquid Lipstick that I have ever tried it's by a brand called Velvet 59 and it's by Paris Manning and before I got my Look Incredible Beauty Box I had never heard of this Brand before.

I don't like to Hate on a brand but I have not tried a worse lipstick and I have tried a lot of lipsticks in my time.

I got the colour Pink Cadillac which is a bright pink which is not a colour that I would have chosen for myself anyway these lipsticks retail for $20 which is £15.00 GBP which i just not would pay for this quality of lipstick.

You can see from the lip swatch that this Lipstick is really Patchy and settles into the Lines on my Lips which I hate.
I have even tried putting some Lip Balm and Scrubbing my Lips first it  looks no better.

The colour isn't really a nice colour either of course that is not why I don't like it. my main issues are that it's Patchy and sits in the lines of my lips it's completely unwearable.

So what do you ladies think about this lipstick did you get it in your Look Incredible Box ? could you make it work for you?

I don't normally leave such Negative Reviews on my blog but I just wanted to do a little Review on this Lipstick I do however like the Packaging the Gold Top but that is all I do like.