Thursday 11 August 2016

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done.

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on this URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN ONE & DONE it's a HYBRID COMPLEXION PERFECTOR.

 It's  like a Tinted Moisturiser I think it's perfect for SUMMER when you don't want to wear a full coverage foundation.

I first trialed this when I got some samples from Urban Decay and I loved it so much I had to buy it for those days where I just don't want to wear a full coverage foundation.

You actually get more with this Urban Decay One & Done then you would with any other Foundation you get 40ML with this foundation and with normal Foundations  you only normally get 30ML so you do get that little bit extra with this . 

This foundation feels so much lighter then other foundations I have in my collection even compared to Timted Moisturisers and BB Creams that I have it literally feels like you are wearing nothing on your skin that's what I love the most about it. 
Your skin just feels and  looks utterly flawless after you use it. 

I got this foundation in the Shade Light to Medium and it matches my skin perfectly. 
It literally feels like you are not wearing any Foundation on your Skin if you are looking for a Light to Medium coverage foundation this is one of the better ones that I have tried.

If you like a more Medium to Full Coverage Foundation this may not be the Foundation for you, you can build it up to a Medium Coverage I would say.

I think if you tried to build it up anymore then that your Skin would end up looking really Cakey.

 On the Box Of this Foundation it says that the Foundation can last up to 8 hours I noticed that i started to get oily around the t-zone area after the 6 hour mark but I don't tend to keep my make-up on for longer then 6 hours anyway so that didn't really bother me.  If you did want to keep it on longer you would just need to powder after the 6 hour mark.

It also says on the box that people that used it noticed a significant difference in 12 weeks skin appeared more Radiant and Firmer  

I can't say abut that yet as I haven't been using this Foundation for 12 weeks yet  but I am interested in finding out. I think I will do an Updated Review once I have been using it for 12 weeks or finished using the Foundaton whichever comes first.

Another thing it claims is to Minimise your Pores I did notice this straight away I have quite large Pores so I noticed straight away that they were slightly smaller which really impressed me.

Last but not least I love the Packaging I was worried when I first got this Foundation that you don't get a Pump with the Foundation but you do so that's good.

The only Negative that springs to mind is the Tube that it comes in I would prefer a Bottle it almost feels like there is hardly any Foundation in the tube even though you get 40ML

I think it's great Packaging for putting in your Make-up Bag as it lies Pretty Flat and it does look like a luxury foundation bottle but I would still have preferred it to come in a bottle.

So what are your Thoughts have you Beauties tried this Foundation if so what are your Thoughts on it I would love to know.